It’s all in 2019. Does anyone still know about the new air purifier?

It’s all in 2019. Does anyone still know about the new air purifier?

To deal with indoor air pollution, fresh air systems and air purifiers are the main choices. Around the two, the most common question for users is that there is a difference between fresh air and air purifiers? How should I choose?

In our home,
There are a lot of hidden pollutants hidden.

Polluted particles that penetrate into the room outdoors,
Carbon dioxide exhaled from daily activities,
Long-term release of formaldehyde from decoration materials…
They are all “invisible killers” that endanger our health.

Although indoor air purification is used,
The best sale Air purifiers are more familiar.
But compared to the fresh air system,
Air purifiers have certain limitations.

Applicable area

Although the cheap and best air purifier is small and exquisite,
But only for one room,
Once the applicable cleaned area is exceeded,
The effect will be greatly reduced.

Less type of purification

Up to 300 kinds of pollutants can be detected indoors.
Only rely on the filter in the air purifier to filter or adsorb,
Can only deal with some of these substances,
For long-term volatile formaldehyde and other pollutants,
The purification effect is also slow and limited.

No fresh oxygen

The air purifier belongs to the inner loop.
It can only purify the polluted air inherent in the room.
Not exchanged with outdoor air,
Unable to reduce carbon dioxide concentration.

It can be seen that even if an air purifier is used,
There is still a need for regular window ventilation.
But this way,
It also makes outdoor noise and dust awkward.

The central fresh air system,
Able to meet the new wind demand of the whole house,
Discharge all polluted air at a time,
Introducing fresh air outside,
Purified and transported to the living space.

No need to open the window,
It is able to ventilate continuously,
Ensure that the air is rich in oxygen and clean,
Really solve indoor air problems,
Take care of the breathing health of the whole family.

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