It’s not just outdoor foggy

It’s not just outdoor foggy

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Recently, the ‘Online Interview’ program invited Wei Jianrong, director of the Environmental Health Center of Beijing CDC, and Wu Yanbing, a respiratory and critically ill medical doctor at Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, to answer the knowledge about the prevention and control of haze. Experts remind that in this weather, there is also smog in the room, and at least try to do strenuous exercise at home.

Wei Jianrong said: ‘The high degree of smog in the air does not necessarily mean the amount that we can breathe. Basically, the concentration of outdoor smog is much higher than that of indoors. But there will be smog in the room. We recommend smog. If there is less weather, you should try to do less vigorous activities at home. For example, in Beijing, 80%-90% of the time in the haze is indeed indoors, but the time and concentration are different in different rooms. The amount of smog that is inhaled into the body will be affected. We especially recommend that you try to go out as much as possible in the haze, and also do less activities that may increase the indoor haze, such as cooking and frying. It does increase the concentration of smog in the room. Also, do not do some activities with a large amount of exercise, which will increase the rate of breathing. Therefore, the amount of smog inhaled is related to the concentration on the one hand, and the other on the other. The amount is related. When the activity intensity is relatively large, the amount of breathing is relatively large, and the amount inhaled into the human body is relatively large. If the haze does not go out, everyone runs at home, or does some work. We don’t recommend the heavy work, so the amount of smog sucked into the human body will increase relatively.’

Wu Yanbing also said that there is indeed smog in the room: ‘In fact, the interior is definitely awkward. My personal experience, as long as a dish is cooked, our home air purifier will turn red. To remind everyone that it is not indoors. Smoking. In addition to air purifiers, green plants may have a certain effect on the toxic substances in the air. There is water, and now many places have decorations. In large hotels and restaurants, water curtains are often seen. Decoration, also has some adsorption on some hydrophilic airborne particles.’

Since it is not suitable for going out when there is fog, staying at home all day, do you need to open the window for ventilation? Wei Jianrong gave an answer to this question: ‘When it comes to window ventilation, many people are asking when to open the window for better ventilation. We have also done some research and found that except for winter, the other three seasons have similar effects, because the haze has A rising period and a climbing period are regular, but since we can’t see its inflection point, it is recommended to keep the window open during the smog, as long as the smog does not scatter, the value of the levitation is relatively high. In good weather, the best time to open the window is in the morning every morning, and it is no problem to open the window during the morning to 12 noon. Because everyone knows that the haze weather has come to close the window, then there is no smog. At that time, everyone must open the window in time to ventilate, otherwise those who enter the room during the smog will have the effect of staying, and will stay for one or two days, so it is recommended that everyone should open the window in time when the weather is good.’

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