Jokes and Air Purifiers: Beijing People’s Life in the Smoke Period

Jokes and Air Purifiers: Beijing People’s Life in the Smoke Period

The suffocating smog from Monday to Beijing and many of the country’s more serious conditions have triggered such a smart crack by social media users in catastrophic circumstances.

In the past few days, jokes on this topic have become one of the most discussed topics on Sina Weibo, China’s largest microblogging website.

However, despite a casual attitude towards the harmful atmosphere, residents of the capital have felt the impact of one of the smokiest games in Beijing since July.

The National Meteorological Center (NMC) upgraded its yellow warning on Tuesday afternoon to the second tallest orange on Thursday afternoon.

She came home with urticaria for five months, but blood tests showed that she was allergic to substances in the air.

“When I traveled outside Beijing, my symptoms were relieved,” she said, but the rash had worsened in the past two days.

At Guang’anmen Hospital, a doctor told her that her symptoms were affected by smoke.

An unknown staff member of Beijing Children’s Hospital told Xinhua that they had not seen a significant increase in the number of patients preparing for the peak respiratory problems because the smoke had just begun.

“Every time smoke continues, more students ask to be ill,” said Professor Wang Xia, 34. ”

Beijing’s environmental monitoring agency suspects that farmers have accused burning straw fields of causing smog, and Beijing suspects that.

However, Li Lixin, an air pollution control officer of the Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau, conducted satellite tests in the summer of 2013, and amplified fire discharges were used to measure PM 2.5 readings of 110 to 460 microns in Beijing. A few hours later, it showed that it could pull up to gram/cubic meter.

However, Internet users question prices.

“Agriculture has become an important industry in China for hundreds of years, even hundreds of thousands of years. After harvesting in autumn, farmland harvests straw and ashes as fertilizers. “It’s a tradition,” said Weibo users, nicknamed Sunflower, “but why didn’t smoke in the past?”

In response to such criticism, Wang Yu, who is in charge of Beijing’s energy ecosystem, said that pollutants mainly come not from burning straw, but from automobile exhaust, coal combustion, industrial production, and dust. I admit it.

“But this is the season for burning straw, which is consistent with the special climate of high humidity and windless. It’s like straw breaking a camel’s back and causing air pollution, “he said. I have told you.

It is not the only smoke control measure to ban firewood cutting in Beijing and its surrounding areas.

In addition to banning straw, the city has promised to replace coal with cleaner-burning energy, such as household electricity and natural gas, coal sales and use by the end of 2020, and other highly polluting fuels. I want to suppress fuel oil, petroleum coke, combustible waste, biomass fuels, etc.

Beijing also levied fees on major pollutants such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides this year.

Li Lixin said it may take some time to see the results of such a measure, but the government believes that the issue is very important and people’s awareness of environmental protection has improved.

Meanwhile, Beijingers shunned outdoor activities and excluded thousands of people from indoor protection.

An anonymous old man named Chen said that his friends with asthma and bronchitis would remind them not to go out in the smoke.

Wang Xia’s school has stopped carrying out outdoor activities for students. “What if we can install every classroom,” she said.

Sales of air purifiers have almost doubled in the past two days, according to Zhang, a sales representative for the e-commerce platform Jingdong Electronic Brand SHARP.

“I bought this for her because my granddaughter is very young,” she said. Well, I hope it will clear up soon. ”

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