Need to worry about pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables?

Need to worry about pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables?

A pesticide is very widespread in modern agricultural production, and pesticides are inevitably left in fruits and vegetables. We need to avoid the abuse of highly toxic pesticides and should also minimize the presence of pesticides. However, in the fear of pesticides, we should also understand two points:
First, “detecting pesticide residues” does not necessarily “hazardous to health”. Any pesticide needs to reach a certain amount to produce a hazard. This amount should be regulated by national standards. Moreover, when developing this safety dose, the toxicity of the study is generally carried out on animals. Considering the difference between humans and animals and the difference between people, it is also divided by 100 as a “safe dose” for humans. The “safety ceiling” is set based on the maximum amount of food a person can eat every day. Therefore, based on the current scientific understanding of the pesticide, as long as the upper limit is not exceeded, it can be considered that there is no health risk.
Second, “how many kinds of pesticides” are different from “harmful doses”. Different pesticides are aimed at different pests or diseases, and the mechanism of action is generally different. Even if there are similar pesticides that will accumulate, it is still based on how “the amount of residue is”, rather than whether it is harmful according to “how many kinds”. That is to say, if the residual amount of each is lower than the national standard, the hazard can be neglected; if the residual amount exceeds the standard, then even if there is only one, it is still unqualified.
Do we need to worry about pesticide residues in our daily diet?
The China Center for Disease Control and Prevention has evaluated the dietary pesticide residue levels of Chinese residents. It has been found that most of the pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables in China have not exceeded the standard. Moreover, the investigation also found that the abuse of some pesticides in China has been Significant improvements, such as organophosphorus pesticides. In general, the pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables in our country are not high. Fruits and vegetables are most delicious, and eating more vegetables and fruits is good for health. You don’t have to reject fruits and vegetables because of the risk of pesticide residues. Simple treatments such as rinsing with water and peeling when eating fruits and vegetables can also help remove some pesticide residues. The new food safety law also clearly strengthens the management of high pesticides and gradually eliminates them. It is believed that the problem of pesticide residues will be further improved.

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