Office pollution source

Office pollution source

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1. Normally open air conditioner does not open the window
According to the World Health Organization, more than 30% of buildings have been complained of poor air quality. Many office buildings are designed to be unsuitable for ventilation and are only controlled by air conditioning. However, the survey shows that most air conditioners, especially central air conditioners, are 100 times more dirty than outdoor air, resulting in an increase in bacteria in the indoor air. If there is a parking lot on the ground floor of the office building, the situation is even worse, and the car exhaust will hurt the lungs.
In addition, buildings over ten years old are often damp and dark, and are susceptible to Aspergillus niger. It can cause coughing, loss of memory, and even infertility. Scientists and the US Environmental Protection Agency called these phenomena “office syndrome.” Experts suggest that if the office has such mildew, it should be scrubbed in time, and usually open the window to ventilate.
2. Put the printer next to the table
The US Environmental Protection Agency warns that ozone emitted by printers and photocopiers can cause chest pain, cough, and throat irritation. Laser printers also emit ozone, which also produces toner dust that enters the lungs and blood and increases the risk of cancer and heart disease. So separate out a well-ventilated print room.
3. Turn on the lights on sunny days
If you walk into the office, your eyes will not consciously squint, indicating that the indoor light is more glaring than the outside sun. Excessive lighting can cause headaches, fatigue, anxiety, etc. Flashing lights can also cause heart disease and disrupt the sleep cycle. In general, if the weather is fine, no additional lighting is required during the day.
4. Do nothing
If you work easily, you will feel comfortable and have a stable heart rate, but when you encounter an incomplete job, the risk of heart disease increases. The heart rate needs some changes at work, and every few hours, you should give yourself a boost.
5. Sedentary
Wrong posture can cause back pain, headache, heart disease, and increased cancer incidence. Standing up every 20 minutes, you can not only stretch your muscles, but also produce various substances to help metabolize fat and cholesterol.

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