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Many people who are ready to join the air purifier industry, or is ready to do agent franchisee, have a lot of worry about the problem, afraid of the air purifier is not easy to sell, afraid of the prospects of air purifier is not clear enough, In the wandering whether the agent air purifier, OLANSI  based on years of market experience, to give you a summary of how the air purifier agents quickly find a breakthrough point.

The first is the team management, coordination of the division of labor problems, people do their best, make the best use of agents to promote an air purifier brand in a city development, the need for shopping guide, sales, sale, technical services, but not air purifier Agents all have to understand, what will do, but to air purifier agents to these people to allocate, coordination and drive these people, the only way, air purifier agents to do the market.


Second, the air purifier agents to participate in corporate training courses, and more agents in different regions, and more successful agents to learn. OLANSI has always been the training of agents as the main marketing training objectives, each year from time to time held a regional dealer meeting, through product training, marketing training, and the interaction between dealers, and constantly enhance the agents in the market Actual combat capability.


Third, the agents to learn more about the local market, that is, the local consumer demand for air purifier products, the main concern is what aspects of the function of the appearance of technology or services to these analysis. At the same time, air purifier agents to constantly understand the situation of competitors, products, prices, promotions, channels and so on should have a basic understanding, and more to study the opponent, know ourselves, avoid weaknesses, can only battle.

Finally, do the air purifier brand agent is built on a high degree of confidence on the basis of full self-confidence will let the team and customers feel your presence and your brand strength, do any brand, first to convince myself, even their own Can not persuade, talk about the brand, talk about what business, as air purifier agents, the OLANSI  air purifier to remind agents to have enough confidence, no staff is willing to follow a no self-confidence leadership, because they can not see hope , And even give you around the relatives and family to have confidence, they have no confidence, how can there be confidence to help you, confidence is your solid backing.

Many agents often complain that manufacturers support policies are not in place, support is indeed very critical, but do a good job is more important agents on their own, such as product knowledge learning, sales skills to enhance the understanding of the situation of competitors, Agents have long been in the front-line market, these work must be more to implement their own in order to do the market. Manufacturers support is the guide, rather than directly replace the agent to develop the market, so OLANSI suggested that as an air purifier agent or take the initiative to adhere to a period of time there will be a return.

OLANSI  air purifier as a well-known brands of air purifier industry, with industry-leading air purification technology, product development and brand building every year into a lot of manpower, material and financial resources, while OLANSI and  Emirates very focused on manufacturers and agents Business interests of the integration, pay attention to the market training and support agents. For air purifier to join agents, joining a powerful air purifier business is also essential.

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