Olansi energy straight drinking fountains lead a healthy new life

Olansi energy straight drinking fountains lead a healthy new life

Advantages of the Olans water purifier
First, the shell part:

The shell materials of the Olans water machine are all made of a new environmentally-friendly ABS material, and the panel is made of piano paint, which is more atmospheric, high-grade and elegant. The upper and lower sides of the casing are attracted by strong magnets, which is more convenient and quicker for the after-sales personnel to change the filter element to the customer. If the outer casing part is made of recycled ABS material or nozzle ABS material, the toughness is not strong, the gloss is not enough, and it is easy to be damaged during transportation.

two. Filter housing part:
Most of the filter housings on the market today weigh between 170 grams and 190 grams, while the outer shells of the Australian water machine are all brand new food grade PP materials to ensure their safety. The weight is 250 grams. It can withstand average water pressure of 10 kilograms in places with high water pressure. It is not easy to be washed by water pressure, and there is no problem of water leakage. It has a high-temperature resistance of 100 degrees and a low-temperature resistance of minus 20 degrees.

Third, the filter process:
The filter process of the Olans water machine is from bottom to top so that the water pipes are used more. But the advantage is that the filter material can fully contact with water, the filter element can fully exert its effect, and the water quality is guaranteed. If the water pipe is connected from top to bottom, the water flow speed is fast, and the filter material cannot be fully contacted with the water, the water comes out, the water quality is not guaranteed, and the filter life is short.

Fourth, connect the elbow:
The Orans connection uses a common elbow. It is generally not recommended to use quick connect or other connection methods. Other connection methods are more efficient, but they are prone to water leakage. Nowadays, even in foreign countries and Taiwan, which are the earliest water purification industry, quick-connect technology is not mature enough. In terms of safety performance, we all use ordinary elbows, and we all produce molds ourselves, with strong sealing and safety. The coefficient is high.

Five, PP cotton:
The accessories are all self-opening production, the sealing effect is good, can ensure the filtration effect of PP cotton, and does not increase the pressure of subsequent filtration.

Sixth, KDF + activated carbon:
Most of the products on the market are coconut shell granules, some of which are coal-based carbon. Such activated carbon has poor adsorption capacity, removes heavy metals, has poor residual chlorine effect, and easily dissolves the powder, which easily causes filter plugging, thus water. The machine does not produce water.
And Alans uses the compressed carbon produced by the deep processing of coconut shell activated carbon. The suction power is 5 times higher than the existing granular carbon, and it does not cause the phenomenon of water plugging. The water flow is fast and the water is water. The taste is sweeter.

Seven, cationic softening resin:
There are thousands of types of resins depending on their properties and uses. For example, industrial resins are used, which are ineffective and cannot ensure their safety.
Fullness, after a long time, there will be yellow water. And Alans chooses the big brand resin, for example, its resin is also a beautiful supplier. This cationic softening resin has a good filtering effect and does not appear yellow water after a period of use.

Eight, high energy filter:
The high energy filter element is composed of natural ore such as a negative potential, a small molecular sphere or an alkaline sphere. It can cut water molecules, adjust the pH value, and ensure that the water is small molecular water between weak alkaline (7.0-8.5). The service life is also longer.

Nine, hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane filter:
The hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane filter has a filter pore size of 0.01 micron, which can effectively remove ultrafine particles, pyrogens, viruses, bacteria, etc., effectively eliminating bacteria up to 99.9%.
Hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane cartridges are classified into dry film and wet film according to their different manufacturing processes. The difference between wet and dry and wet film lies in its shelf life. Some dealers or agents took the machine. If it can’t be sold for a period of time, such as one or two months, the wet film may break and it will not be used. Alans uses a hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane (dry film), the shelf life is more than 4 wet film, more humane.

Ten, after the activated carbon:
Compressed carbon is obtained by deep processing of coconut shell activated carbon. The suction power is 5 times higher than that of the existing granular carbon, and there is no phenomenon of blocking the water machine. The water flow speed is fast and the water taste is sweeter.

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