OLANSI K06 air purifier won the “Quality Product Award” honorary title  


By the China Health Industry Working Committee, the China Cultural Promotion Council Health and Culture Committee hosted the China International Health Industry Conference and Exhibition on June 16 in Wuxi new exhibition center officially opened.

The conference organized a public health seminar, including medical experts from Japan, Germany and China, on the theme of “Building a Green City and Building a Healthy Community”. The health products of domestic and foreign enterprises were displayed, clinics, health checks, health massage Display, show health education film and many other activities. The conference will take place for more than 200 exhibitors from China and abroad for four days.

OLANSI is the ecological health culture advocates and practitioners, the award-winning OLANSI K06 net negative ion air purifier, “longevity” Guangxi Bama’s environment as the basis, the use of Bama air replication technology, Set a powerful natural negative ion generation, air purification, superoxide detoxification and other multi-functional in one, creating a similar Bama air health micro-environment, with ultra-fast purification of air capacity, super-manufacturing pure small particles of negative ion capacity and super Fast production of super-oxygen sterilization capacity and so on.

OLANSI K06 negative ion air purifier since the market has been the consumer’s favorite, especially with the March 1 National Standards Committee approved the release of the revised GB / T 18801-2015 “air purifier” national standard formal Implementation, refine the core indicators of the air purifier, raising the industry access threshold, the majority of products facing the market out, and the OLANSI K06 negative ion air purifier sales are all the way soaring. After the professional testing, the OLANSI K06 HEPA air purifier fully in line with the new national standard test requirements.

It is worth mentioning that, as China’s health industry evergreen tree OLANSI’s health industry, in the indoor environmental pollution is quite research. In March this year, the OLANSI Healthcare Industry joint Tsinghua University released the “China Family Ecological Environment Report”, a detailed analysis of the current nine cities in China’s air, water and other indicators, pointed out that the current indoor air pollution needs to attract the attention of the general public . For this reason, experts call for the appropriate selection of standard air purifiers to help improve and improve air quality and reduce indoor air pollution

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