Olansi new product W11 RO hydrogen water dispenser

Here we would like to share with a new product: functional W11 RO hydrogen water dispenser ,

in the market only Olansi unique is developing and producing this advanced product.

Hydrogen water production technology:

Hydrogen and oxygen separation technology for hydrogen production Higher and more stable hydrogen concentration

Hydrogen production concentration up to 2000ppb  (Self-test laboratory test data)

Electrolysis technology promoting hydrogen gas and water more stable combination


  1. PAC composite filter

Filter out large particle pollutants such as sediment, rust, colloid, etc., absorb heterochromatic odor, residual chlorine, etc.;

2.RO Reverse Osmosis membrane

Filter out tiny impurities such as bacteria, microorganisms, scales.

3.Rear carbon rod filter 

Further adsorption of heterochromatic odor, enhance the taste of water, make the water sweet and delicious;

4.Electrolysis hydrogen water 

High concentration hydrogen production, change water quality


3:1Low wastewater ratio

More economical compared with the traditional 1:1 wastewater ratio

Improved water production efficiency, cost savings, and improved water quality

6L large water tank

Change the water once, Enough for 6 persons to drink for a day


Function Advantages:

Visible hydrogen production

When power is on, the built-in lights let you see the bubbles produced by the electrolyzed hydrogen-rich water at a glance.

Temperature Adjustment Button

Temperature range: Warm water mode 50°C~60°C Water boiling mode 80°C~100°C

Fresh boiled water 3 seconds

Fast heating

Automatically turn on cleaning reminders every 60 times

Regularly clean the electrolyte can extend the service life.

When cleaning, the display button and the tank light flash at the same frequency and stop at the end.

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