Olansi Plasma Beauty Instrument

Olansi Plasma Beauty Instrument

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Core feature one: kill bacteria
1. Physical and chemical interactions occur simultaneously to maximize bactericidal effects.
2. The gas or other by-products produced by the plasma treatment will return to their original state by themselves.
3. Because there is no second environmental pollution factor, it can be said that the environmentally friendly method.

Core feature 2: repair skin problems
Our skin itself has self-repairing and barrier capabilities, but in the life of various external factors, environmental pollution and improper skin care, the natural ability of the skin itself is damaged. This plasma beauty device repairs the skin’s natural healing and barrier properties, making the skin more stable. Repair the skin’s problems and make the skin more and more perfect.

Feature 3: Strong hydrophilicity (high energy permeability)
We all know that most of the active ingredients in skin care products are composed of organic macromolecules, which are difficult to penetrate the epidermis of human skin under natural conditions. When applied by hand, only the nutrients stay on the surface of the skin and cannot be absorbed deep, so the feeling that the skin care products float on the skin is often generated.

The introduction function of the plasma beauty instrument is to use the physical principle of positive and negative charge ion homosexual repulsion and opposite phase attraction, and achieve the purpose of transmitting effective substances through the equivalent exchange of ions (positive power for positive power, negative for negative power).

Among them, the introduction of negative ions, when the skin care products with active ionic components encounter the electrodes of the same polarity, they will accelerate and strengthen, and penetrate the pores of the skin, sweat glands and intercellular space into the skin, which can improve the penetration rate of skin care products. More than doubled.

Feature 4: High energy anti-aging
Plasma has the principle of improving skin elasticity:
Aging cells: All cells have a membrane potential, and the voltage of the membrane changes as the cell ages and the charge distribution is not balanced.

The plasma affects the cells, and the membrane potential is affected by potassium ions and sodium ions. Potassium ions easily pass through the cell membrane, but sodium ions are more difficult to pass. The plasma can easily pass ions through the cell membrane, thereby tightening the cell membrane (the skin can be seen to be tight ).

The ions quickly enter the skin layer, promote collagen production, rebuild elastin fibers, effectively increase skin elasticity, and prevent skin aging.

Feature 5: Brighten skin tone
Stimulates fiber bud cells synthesized by tissues such as elastin and melanin, promotes cell sufficiency and collagen synthesis, helps skin regenerate, decomposes melanin, and enhances skin tone.

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