PM 2.5 standard and indoor air pollution.

PM 2.5 standard and indoor air pollution.

We were concerned about the purity of the outdoor air, what is the quality of the indoor air?
Particulate matter (PM) in the air poses a threat to our health and well-being, but if we believe that the air we breathe outside is the threat, we are naive.

Outdoor air pollution in the form of particulate matter does not stop at our doors and windows, and indeed there are sources of particulate matter everywhere in the room.

Endanger children
In other words, if you don’t use an air purifier, the place you spend most of your time is packed with particulates that affect our health and, perhaps most importantly, your child’s health.

Purify the air where we live and work.
Taking in more ambient air can add extraneous contaminants to the indoor air. Make indoor air of generally inferior quality equal to less toxic (still polluted) outdoor air

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