PM2.5 Particles Increase Globally

PM2.5 Particles Increase Globally

WHO has published the latest statistical results of the atmospheric environment in major cities in the world, pointing out that more than 80% of the population of PM10 and PM2.5 exceed the WHO standard.

WHO said that “especially in low- and middle-income countries is deteriorating”. It was pointed out that severe atmospheric environment may lead to an increase in the risk of lung cancer and respiratory diseases, and the State was urged to develop more effective measures, while air purifiers can effectively purify the air. Air purifiers include onboard air purifiers, desktop air purifiers, and household air purifiers.

Who has analyzed more than 3000 data of PM2.5 and PM10 in 103 countries around the world, and we have come to the conclusion that the population of standard cities is only 16%, so air purifiers are very necessary. Welcome to check our air purifier style.

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