Portable air purifier function class question and answer encyclopedia

Portable air purifier function class question and answer encyclopedia

1. What is the function of the “portable air purifier” (what is the use)?
It mainly produces a large number of negative oxygen ions, which can effectively remove PM2.5 small particles in the air and eliminate second-hand smoke. At the same time, negative ions have the effect of physiotherapy on the human body, which can effectively improve the sub-health of the human body and promote blood circulation.
2. Why is the “portable air purifier” resistant to PM2.5?
The “portable air purifier” works by mimicking the impact of the natural waterfall’s water flow, and the rainy day lightning ionizes the air, producing a large number of negative ions. The negative ions themselves have the function of electrostatic dust collection, which can very quickly make the PM2.5 such a naked eye. Small particles that are not visible, evolve into large particles and fall quickly to clean the air around you.
3. What is the difference between a “portable air purifier” and a large air purifier at home?
The portable air purifier belongs to the negative ion air purifier. It can purify the air like the large purifier. The large one is for the indoor, and the “electronic mask” is for the personal space. Relative to the space limitations of large products, “electronic masks” can be used in a variety of places, and negative ions are only effective when used at close range.
4. What advantages does the “portable air purifier” have compared to similar small purifiers?
First of all, the product itself has a stable performance and a good purification effect. Secondly, we have strong professionalism. We have been independently developing and producing since the 1980s, and have cooperated with many big brands, such as Haier. Beautiful, Whirlpool, Unilever and so on. Then, we also have our own brand, and also join forces with strength. Moreover, it can be said that at present, similar products in domestic or foreign markets are basically no smaller and more beautiful than our products, and high-end fashion effects are good.
5. How much area can the “portable air purifier” purify?
The effective purification area of ​​the “portable air purifier” is 1m3 (cubic meters), but this 1m3 (cubic meter) is movable and can be used for much space. Portable air purifier function class question and answer encyclopedia
6, “portable air purifier” product is so small, how much dust can be sucked?
The principle of “electronic mask” is not the air filtration of the conventional purifier, which sucks the dirty air into the machine. Instead, it uses ionic electrostatic dust collection to concentrate the tiny particles in the air into PM20 or larger particles. It quickly fell to the ground.
7. If these large particles have not fallen to the ground, they will be sucked into the body. Will it be worse?
No, now the news media are reporting that the small particles below PM2.5 are harmful to the human body because of the small particles such as PM2.5, unlike large particles that are metabolized by the body and immune organs (such as the nasal cavity). If it is blocked, it will be directly inhaled into the alveoli, causing damage to the lungs and respiratory tract; now portable air purifiers convert small particles into large particles, even if a small part is inhaled into the nasal cavity, it will be blocked by the nasal cavity or brought out by saliva. in vivo.
8. Does the “portable air purifier” produce negative ions while generating ozone?
The core technology of “portable air purifier” is a negative ion. The product strictly controls the generation of ozone. The ozone can only measure 0.01ppm under the distance of 0, which is 15 times lower than the national safety standard (national safety standard 0.15PPM). Less than 10 times the international safety (international safety concentration value of 0.1PPM), almost the lowest limit value of the ozone detector can be detected routinely; the ozone concentration of the product 30cm (cm) (breathing part) is 0ppm.
9. I seem to smell the smell of ozone?
The range of ozone concentrations that the human body can smell is in the range of 0.01 to 0.02 PPM (parts per million). The sensitivity of each person’s sense of smell is not the same, but this value is far less than 15 times the national safety standard (national safety standard 0.15PPM), please feel free to use. And we have relevant test reports for ozone.
10. Does the “portable air purifier” have radiation?
“Electronic mask” produces a large number of negative ions, which can effectively neutralize the positive electric radiation generated by household appliances (such as refrigerators, TVs, air conditioners, computers, etc.), avoiding the damage caused by the positive electric radiation of the appliances. In a closed air-conditioned room, the effect is even more obvious. Portable air purifier function class question and answer encyclopedia
11. What is the physiotherapy effect of the “portable air purifier”?
(1) improve lung function,
(2) promote metabolism,
(3) Enhance disease resistance,
(4) Improve sleep,
(5) Strengthen the moisturizing of the hair.
12. Why can the “portable air purifier” improve lung function?
The “portable air purifier” produces a large number of negative oxygen ions. When the human body inhales and carries negative ions, the lungs can increase oxygen absorption by 20% and discharge 14.5% of carbon dioxide.
13. Why does “portable air purifier” promote metabolism?
“Portable air purifiers” produce a lot of negative ions, negative ions can activate a variety of enzymes in the body, promote metabolism 14. Why can “portable air purifiers” enhance disease resistance?
The “portable air purifier” produces a large number of negative ions, which can change the body’s ability to respond, activate the function of the reticuloendothelial system, and enhance the body’s immunity.
15. Why can the “portable air purifier” improve sleep?
“Portable air purifier” produces a large number of negative ions, which can promote blood circulation, reduce stress, and achieve the effect of soothing and relaxing.
16. Why does the “portable air purifier” enhance the moisturizing of the hair?
The “portable air purifier” produces a large number of negative ions. Generally, the surface of the hair is scattered with scales. Negative ions can reproduce the scales of the hair surface to make the hair look shinier and neutralize the hair. Static electricity prevents hair from splitting
17. Why can “negative ions” achieve the effect of physical therapy?
First of all, the electrical activity of the body tissue needs to be continuously supplemented by negative ions. Once the organism is not supplemented by negative ions, it will affect normal physiological activities, resulting in chest tightness, dizziness, and even illness. Secondly, since the virus that attacks human cells usually has a negative charge, if the human cells also carry a negative charge, they will be repelled by the same sex. The virus loses its ability to attack live cells. Finally, negative ions can also enter the lungs through breathing, and through direct stimulation of various tissues of the human body, as well as the interaction between nerve reflexes and body fluids, produce a neutralizing physiological health effect on the human body.
18. Is the negative ion produced by the “portable air purifier” the same as the negative ion in nature?
Yes, the “portable air purifier” mimics the impact of the natural waterfall’s water flow, and the rainy day lightning ionizes the air, producing a large number of negative ions, but it is constantly being released, without the need to feel in a specific environment or a specific attempt. To pure negative ions.
19. How many negative ions are good for the human body?
When the amount of negative ions in nature reaches 100,000 to 500,000 per square, the human body has the ability to naturally repair and natural immunity. When used, let the negative ions enrich the area around your body and have a natural negative ion amount. The most important thing is regular work, reasonable exercise, a balanced diet, and a good mood. Negative ion purifiers are like tonics in life, properly conditioning the body and achieving health care.
20. Is the negative ion as much as possible?
No, only the negative ions at close range are effective. The negative ions themselves have a weak period. If the ions themselves are not absorbed, they will be neutralized by small particles in the air after a few seconds, so the negative ions near the air outlet. The quantity is the largest. The farther the distance is, the worse the effect is. The conventional large purifier has negative ions, but the machine itself is far away from people. Negative ions are difficult to communicate to the user and will disappear passively. Therefore, the amount of ions is large. Not useful, only valid at close range.
21, how to detect the negative ions generated by the “portable air purifier”, how do I know if it is effective?
Test 1: Use two transparent glass cups (transparent, smooth, good visibility), use the common cigarettes in the market, spit in a thick cup of second-hand smoke in two cups, cover one of the cups full of smoke at work. On the product, about 10 seconds, directly see the contrast effect.
Test 2: It can be close to the product air outlet, and the product under the nose is perceived to have a weak ion wind in the absence of a fan, and there is a faint freshness. Test 3: Taobao has about 200 yuan of testing equipment, which can directly detect negative ion concentration. (Involving additional fees, not recommended)
22. There are 2 million negative ions in the portable air purifier. Is it that after releasing 2 million negative ions?
No, the machine is more than 2 million negative ions per cubic centimeter per second. It is constantly being released and will not be released.
23. When is it better to use a “portable air purifier”?
Going to work, shopping, exhibiting, traveling, subway, bus, home, sleeping, etc.
24. Is it that I can’t smell a little bit of smoke after I use the “portable air purifier”?
No, the electronic mask can effectively reduce the inhalation of secondhand smoke, but it cannot completely solve the inhalation of secondhand smoke. Especially when several people smoke together, the purification efficiency of the product is not proportional to the manufacturer of secondhand smoke. The removal of second-hand smoke can effectively reduce the inhalation of second-hand smoke.
25. After I use the “portable air purifier”, can I block the bad breath of the other party?
No, this product is a product that removes small particles. If it is not an odor-prone product, if you need to solve the bad breath problem, please let the other person chew the gum.
26. Can I use the “portable air purifier” to get formaldehyde?
With the effect of removing formaldehyde, negative ions can decompose formaldehyde to make it carbon dioxide and water by ionization, but this is not the main function of “portable air purifier”.

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