Purification Of The Air Purifier Technology

                                Purification Of The Air Purifier Technology

With the changing environment, the indoor air environment has attracted increasing attention. The air purifier is effective in improving product purity of the air, now to clear the indoor air pollution, household cleaners and air-based business. Air filter in a variety of techniques and media to give air clean and safe. Commonly used technology for purifying the air are:

Low temperature plasma technology for purification, asymmetric, low-temperature plasma asymmetric forms allows high-voltage, high frequency pulsed plasma discharge in an asymmetric electric field, so that a level in the airspace between the large number of plasma to produce a series of reactions physical, chemical and hazardous and toxic gases from live viruses, bacteria and other rapid degradation, which is a powerful anti-virus, sterilization, the smell of smoke, dust and toxic substance is formed.

Air anion is a negatively charged ion gas with sedatives, hypnotics increases, diuretic, appetite, decreased blood pressure. Negative ions can be recovered from the atmosphere of air pollutants, nitrogen oxides, produced by cigarettes and other reactive oxygen species (free radicals) to reduce excess cash reactive oxygen in the human body in the air and positively charged particles without charge after the settlement, purify the air.

Molecular complex technology, which is an internal contamination with formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and other pollutants before lock Molecular Complex, and then through the formaldehyde scavenger composition and decomposition of complex water to formaldehyde gas and short chain material is ammonia quickly turned into an irreversible solid long-chain complex, and the decomposition of ammonia salts, sediment in the water tie a clear distinction between the issues of clean air, eliminate indoor pollution.

Ozone (activated oxygen technology), the reaction of ozone to inactivate the bacteria are always made very quickly. Effect of ozone virus first body shell viral protein coat four polypeptide chains and RNA damage, in particular the formation of protein. Phage oxidation with ozone, electron microscopy shows that their skin is divided into several parts, many of which release of RNA, interfere with its absorption into the body storage.


As economic and social rights, better living standards and increase public awareness of the environment, various municipal facilities, commercial buildings and residential air quality problems, drew the attention of more and more. Clean air environment, improve air quality has become an urgent desire to requirements.

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