Recommended use of water purifier

Recommended use of water purifier

As for the water purifier, it should have a history of more than ten years. As the Wanfeng brand, why has there been a product of water purifiers, but it has never been widely promoted to the market? This is due to various factors. of.
People who have worked in chemical production or have studied chemistry carefully know that the surface of carbon particles has the function of adsorbing particles. Then the real principle of the water purifier is here. Many groups in the society boast magical water purifiers, and then they are desperately premium or participate in cheap gifts to entice consumers, a water purifier sells sky-high prices. As a brand development strategy, we absolutely cannot do such a thing.
The water quality after the five-pole filtration of the water purifier is indeed very good and is the standard for achieving pure water. However, according to China’s national conditions, long-term drinking of pure water will greatly reduce the individual’s immunity, and there is no real help for health. Moreover, every ton of tap water can only produce one ton of purified water, and two tons are waste water, causing a large loss of water resources.
If fake or inferior goods appear in the market or go through the streets, the products that are promoted by the assembly will probably be unqualified products, especially the quality of plastics, which may cause harm to the body.
Water purifier products, because there are multi-channel sales links, there are also problems of overcapacity, the product design of each factory, business is not the same, the quality of after-sales accessories and accessories are a series of problems.
Collecting the above factors, the Wanfeng brand’s water purifier has been in an obscure state.
We believe that a house must be used for clean water in the true sense. After many years of improved testing of German technology, the following recommendations are recommended:
1. Use the method of entering the household water, only need to wash the filter element frequently, no need to replace the filter element, which greatly helps to extend the service life of household water heaters, faucets, triangle valves and showers. (The following figure)

2. Use the ultimate version of the Wanfeng water purifier (below)

Advantages comparison: 1. No motherboard controller. 2. No power requirements. 3. No pumping booster equipment. 4. No pressurized barrel. 5, ultimately will not produce any after-sales service needs. 6. The purified water quality meets the national standard for mineral water, and healthy particles are not lacking. 7, no waste water, will not cause the loss of water resources. 8. Installation and use of the original metal pipe will not cause secondary pollution to the water quality. 9. The water flow pressure is clear at a glance. 10, the amount of water is more than five times that of ordinary water purifiers.
In summary, a rational choice of water purification equipment can really help healthy drinking water.

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