5 minutes to teach you to choose a humidifying air purifier for your baby’s healthy body!

5 minutes to teach you to choose a humidifying air purifier for your baby’s healthy body!

When it’s warm, it’s hardest to breathe.
best large room air purifier for dust
Knock on the blackboard, moms and dads, look at the right side, and teach you to choose a humidifying best air purifier for baby room for your baby’s healthy body in 5 minutes!

1⃣️ appearance
Of course, you must be full of technology and futuristic! Like the dipping sauce, this AutoBot Fresh2 humidifying air purifier baby room best looks like an advanced thermos cup. The silver-gray aluminum alloy is equipped with a black ABS case, which will bring the sense of technology and weight to the extreme, as if it is a water cup, which female star A flame red lips kiss will be printed on the cup.

2⃣️ experience
Easy to drive with the car
As a mother, I am used to considering two safety issues. First, what to do if the water is dried; second, if it falls, will it leak. Therefore, after adding the water cup cover, shaking it to the left and right, and emptying it, there should be no leakage; try to dry the water to ensure that it is not powered off, and don’t worry about the car battery feeding, the car will stop supplying power, no Will consume the battery power of the car.

Three modes
Automatic mode. The default auto mode is activated, and the light effect flashes. It will intelligently detect the current air quality and automatically adjust the corresponding mode.
Silent mode. Applicable air quality is excellent. When the air outlet light is green, it means the air quality is good. Click the power button to light up.
Normal mode. Applicable to light air pollution, when the air outlet light shows orange, indicating that the current air quality is mildly polluted, click the power button again, the light effect is always on.
Rage mode. Applicable to medium and heavy pollution of air quality. If the light effect of the air outlet is red warning, for example, if someone is smoking in the car, you can click the power button to enter the third violent mode, and the light effect is always on.

Humidification purification
As a humidifying air purifier, the humidifying function can be switched on and off separately, without affecting the empty net use. After the air is fresh, don’t forget to click the humidifying button to humidify.
After turning on the air, you will enter the automatic mode. If the air quality is good, the noise will be very small. At least, Agui can sleep peacefully under this decibel. However, when the air quality sensor detects that the current air quality is not good, the air net enters the violent mode, and the noise will become larger at this time, until the air quality is improved, and the noise is reduced.

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Six way About Getting Healthy Air Shows Why You Need Olansi Air Purifier

Six way About Getting Healthy Air Shows Why You Need Olansi Air Purifier

The most common misconception about air cleaning is the belief it is a single task that once done is finished until another day. Air cleaning is not like vacuuming the floor, washing the dishes or the clothes. Using an air purifier for a few hours doesn’t finish the job of air cleaning.

The reason is simple. Indoor air is in a constant state of change. Particles, gases, and microorganisms are introduced by such things as foot traffic, coughing and sneezing, normal shedding of skin (dander) by humans as well as pets, your central heating and air system and other activities.

Six Facts About Getting Healthy Air

Most likely you want specific health benefits like allergy or asthma relief. What do you need to know to make certain your home use air purifier delivers those health benefits? Consider the following six issues:

Your sensitivity
Dilution of pollutants
Dispersion of pollutants
Reintroduction of pollutants
Air changes per hour (ACH)
The efficiency level of your air purifier
How Do These Points Relate To Your Air Cleaning Effort?

Each person has their own “tipping point.” Personal health and environmental factors make this a moving target. Certain allergens may provoke a reaction today but not tomorrow. It depends upon your total load of irritants and physical stresses.

The goal of air cleaning is to dilute contaminants with clean air, keeping them below the threshold at which you react.

Why do I talk about the dilution of contaminants and not total elimination? Because particles and gases do not stand still for an olansi air purifier  to capture them one by one. Normal particle motion disperses them throughout your room air.

This means clean air exiting your mini air purifier  is almost immediately recontaminated by the untreated air. You can’t hold clean air on one side of the room while cleaning the air on the other side.
This is why your air purifier should run. Constant treatment reduces pollutants and keeps them at a low level.

Countering air cleaning is the reintroduction of new pollutants. Reintroduction is like a leak in a boat. In time the boat sinks. Your air quality will sink also if you don’t stay ahead of the reintroduction rate for new pollutants.

as the boat needs steady bailing to stay afloat your room air needs continuous cleaning to stay healthy.
This is where ACH, or air changes per hour, comes into play. ACH indicates how fast you can bail your room air of contaminants.

ACH is determined by dividing the cubic feet of cleaned air your air purification  can deliver in one hour by the cubic feet of the room. Say your room is 12 x 15 with an eight-foot ceiling. That’s 1440 cubic feet (12 x 15 x 8). Say your air purifier is rated to deliver as much as 165 cubic feet per minute (165 CFM) or 9900 cubic feet over an hour. Dividing 9900 by 1440 reveals your air purifier can deliver 6.8 air changes per hour in this room.

That air purifier would be an excellent choice for that room. Most experts agree that 6 ACH is needed for those with severe respiratory problems. At least 4 ACH is recommended for typical allergy relief. In any case, never less than 2 ACH for any benefit at all and then only with the most efficient air purifier.

Which brings us to the issue of efficiency. Not all the air passing through an air purifier may be cleaned. Some may bypass the filter or the machine can’t remove 100% of the particles passing through.

The lower the total system efficiency the more times the air needs to pass through the air purifier to achieve the same cleaning result as a higher efficiency unit. This is why I recommend using only air cleaners with proven high system efficiency. It does the job with fewer ACH and thus lower fan speeds and less noise.

Putting It All Together

So, how long does an olansi air purifier need to clean a room? and with a good ACH of 4 to 6, about an hour or so to reach a point yielding good allergy relief. Of course, give your body more time to relieve itself of its allergen load. remember that you never really finish the job of air cleaning. You should run your air purifier continuously to maintain the healthiest possible air.