5 minutes to teach you to choose a humidifying air purifier for your baby’s healthy body!

5 minutes to teach you to choose a humidifying air purifier for your baby’s healthy body!

When it’s warm, it’s hardest to breathe.
best large room air purifier for dust
Knock on the blackboard, moms and dads, look at the right side, and teach you to choose a humidifying best air purifier for baby room for your baby’s healthy body in 5 minutes!

1⃣️ appearance
Of course, you must be full of technology and futuristic! Like the dipping sauce, this AutoBot Fresh2 humidifying air purifier baby room best looks like an advanced thermos cup. The silver-gray aluminum alloy is equipped with a black ABS case, which will bring the sense of technology and weight to the extreme, as if it is a water cup, which female star A flame red lips kiss will be printed on the cup.

2⃣️ experience
Easy to drive with the car
As a mother, I am used to considering two safety issues. First, what to do if the water is dried; second, if it falls, will it leak. Therefore, after adding the water cup cover, shaking it to the left and right, and emptying it, there should be no leakage; try to dry the water to ensure that it is not powered off, and don’t worry about the car battery feeding, the car will stop supplying power, no Will consume the battery power of the car.

Three modes
Automatic mode. The default auto mode is activated, and the light effect flashes. It will intelligently detect the current air quality and automatically adjust the corresponding mode.
Silent mode. Applicable air quality is excellent. When the air outlet light is green, it means the air quality is good. Click the power button to light up.
Normal mode. Applicable to light air pollution, when the air outlet light shows orange, indicating that the current air quality is mildly polluted, click the power button again, the light effect is always on.
Rage mode. Applicable to medium and heavy pollution of air quality. If the light effect of the air outlet is red warning, for example, if someone is smoking in the car, you can click the power button to enter the third violent mode, and the light effect is always on.

Humidification purification
As a humidifying air purifier, the humidifying function can be switched on and off separately, without affecting the empty net use. After the air is fresh, don’t forget to click the humidifying button to humidify.
After turning on the air, you will enter the automatic mode. If the air quality is good, the noise will be very small. At least, Agui can sleep peacefully under this decibel. However, when the air quality sensor detects that the current air quality is not good, the air net enters the violent mode, and the noise will become larger at this time, until the air quality is improved, and the noise is reduced.

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