The choice of air purifier is so reassuring.

The choice of air purifier is so reassuring.

The word smog has appeared frequently in our lives, which has caused people to heat up the corresponding home breathing health problems.

The ensuing topic about air purifiers is also endless. For example What brand is good? What performance is good to buy? Is it useful? How can I see the purification effect? ……

Today, we don’t discuss how serious indoor air pollution is, how much harm it will bring to family health. This is a lot of questions about Baidu’s search. Let’s share with you a few of you, me, and he will actually go. Consider the question, talk about whether the air purifier should be chosen this way.

@over 60 years old
“Understanding your son’s filial piety is whether it is useful or not. I can’t see it.”

Aunt Zhang is over 60 years old, and her son is working outside. She lives with her husband and lives a life of worry-free life. She is very accepting of the current smart and convenient home appliances, and sometimes sighs from time to time, with them, their own small life has become better and better. But when she talked about the air purifier that her son bought for her, she also said her own voice: “My son always blames me for not opening the indoor air purifier at home. In fact, I just think that it is useless and invisible after opening. Like the water heater has a temperature display, I know that the water is hot; unlike the vacuum cleaner, the dirty things are sucked clean, the effect can be seen at a glance. The air in the home can not be seen, the air purifier is open I don’t know what effect it has, so I feel useless and I can’t think of it.”

@ novice mother
“I understand that the air purifier is effective, but if I can see it, I am more at ease.”

The novice mother, Xiao Gu, pays great attention to family health issues, especially after having a baby. In addition to understanding a lot of theoretical knowledge, Xiao Gu is also very good at using them in their own lives, especially for the creation of home life, whether it is the environment, decoration, utensils, etc., even indoor air, drinking water, noise, etc. There are a set of questions that are closely related to health. When it comes to air purifiers, Xiao Gu said: “There are many indoor air problems. The harm of particulate matter, formaldehyde, harmful gases, viruses, etc. will exist for a long time. For the baby and family to breathe health, I know very well that it is necessary to use air purifiers. However, I especially want to see how the current purification effect is when the air purifier is turned on and to master the indoor air quality. After all, I can see more peace of mind.”

@ data tester
“To be able to feedback a variety of air indexes, I am sure to buy one of these air purifiers.”

As a data tester, Xiao Chen seems to bring more benefits to people’s lives than others. Before staying in the newly renovated new house, it is also to open the window and ventilate and use various methods to remove the aldehyde. Buying air purifier has become one of Xiao Chen’s must-have lessons. Xiao Chen said: “In order to make the air in the home better, the action is necessary. Buy an air purifier to solve most of the indoor air pollution problems, why not do it. If there is a digital purification Products with air quality conditions are just fine. If you can display multiple pollutant indices, it will be even more bullish. If you look at it, it will be clear. I will definitely start.”

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Buy an air purifier to pay attention to these 6 points, and buy it with your eyes closed!

Buy an air purifier to pay attention to these 6 points, and buy it with your eyes closed!

Choose products with formal logos and complete information
When consumers buy indoor large air purifiers
Pay attention to the following

▲ Pay attention to whether the product packaging has a formal logo, including company name, product name, product model, implementation standard, after-sales hotline, and certification mark;
▲ Pay attention to the air purifier CADR (purification efficiency) and CCM (cumulative purification) indicators, such as CADR (particulate matter), CADR (formaldehyde), CCM (particulate matter), CCM (formaldehyde), and energy consumption, noise (maximum air volume) , applicable areas and other important indicators, and pay attention to whether the above indicators are fully marked;

▲ Also, pay attention to the product manual or its body, whether it is marked with the start-up operation guide, use safety tips and filter replacement operation instructions, etc., to avoid the impact of the cheap and best air purifier due to incomplete information.

Choose products that meet the actual needs of the home
When consumers purchase air purifiers, they should pay attention to and consider the “CADR (purification efficiency)” index. Just as buying air conditioners should choose the number of horses according to the size of the space, different space areas should match the air purifiers with different CADR values. For example, a 30 square meter room and a “CADR” 450 air purifier will have a better purification experience.

In addition, for particulate matter, formaldehyde (gaseous pollutants), allergens and other different pollutants, it is best to purchase products with corresponding purification functions.
Choose products with high quality and good price
At present, there are many brands of air purifiers on the market, and the price difference is large. Consumers should not argue about quality.

Low-cost products such as “100 yuan machines” have low cost, often with poor quality and high noise. They not only fail to achieve the desired purification effect, but also bring noise pollution to the home, and the high price is not completely equal to high quality, some high-priced products, In fact, it contains a lot of marketing costs. Some of the features in the product belong to the business exaggeration of publicity, play with the concept, and some of the functional indicators are directly marked by the merchants to maximize the eyelashes.
At the same time, consumers should not blindly pursue foreign brands and high-end brands, because each country has different national conditions. For example, some countries in foreign countries have milder levels of formaldehyde and smog. The corresponding brands of air purifiers mainly filter pollen and large. Particulate matter is not entirely suitable for the needs of Chinese consumers.
Choose pre-sale and after-sales guaranteed products
Whether buying products online or offline, consumers should purchase through formal channels. Do not blindly believe in channels such as mergers, sales, membership, etc., and avoid buying counterfeit and shoddy products.

At the same time, as a high-consumption product, an air purifier is particularly important for after-sales service. Some air purifiers sold through third-party platforms or dealers have a short warranty period, and subsequent maintenance services have defects, which greatly shorten the product life cycle, so consumers When purchasing an air purifier, you should carefully understand the after-sales service, warranty terms, and restrictions of the product to avoid unnecessary troubles in the after-sales process. In addition, after the consumer purchases the product, he must keep the invoice and other shopping vouchers for future use.
Choose a product certified by a third-party certification body
When consumers purchase an air purifier, they can pay attention to whether the product has a “star certification” from a third-party certification body.

“Star certification” is based on the requirements of the industry group standard “Filtering Air Purifier Particle Control Performance Grading”, and the removal of energy efficiency, cumulative purification, and noise of “particles, formaldehyde, microorganisms, allergens” and other pollutants. The grading evaluation of the indicators is “9 stars”. “Star certification” puts higher requirements on the quality of air purifiers. Consumers can directly judge the quality of air purifiers by means of “number of stars”.
Master the correct use of the product
At present, the air purifiers currently on the market mainly use filter type. The filter element can not be used repeatedly by cleaning, and the service life is generally about six months. Once the filter adsorption area reaches saturation, the machine work efficiency will decrease. There is even a risk of secondary pollution, so consumers should replace the filter element in time according to the degree of indoor pollution and product use cycle.

In addition, there are currently air purifiers purified by the principles of high-voltage static electricity, negative oxygen ions, water washing, etc., in which high-voltage static electricity and negative oxygen ion air purifiers are usually promoted without replacing the filter screen, but the consumption of such products is purchased. Particular attention should be paid to the risk of elevated ozone concentrations. The use of the principle of water washing in air purifiers should be concerned with the risk of harmful microbial growth.

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Why do you say that there is no fog in summer, but you still have to open an air purifier.

Why do you say that there is no fog in summer, but you still have to open an air purifier.

As soon as summer arrived, the foggy days in Beijing were significantly less, especially during the “Belt and Road” summit. Many people turned off their own cheap and best air purifiers and enjoyed the blue sky. However, what most people don’t know is that behind this kind of enjoyment, there is still a hidden risk. There are still shocking air pollution under the blue sky, but the pollution does not exist outside but exists indoors.

There is a fog in winter and TVOC in summer.

Today, everyone knows to guard against smog in the winter but ignores the “TVOC” in the summer. The so-called “TVOC” is the abbreviation of Total Volatile Organic Compounds, which refers to indoor organic gaseous substances, also known as total volatile organic compounds, including carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, carbonic acid, metal carbides and other toxic and harmful gases in the air.

There are many sources of pollution indoors, and whether it is summer or winter, it is equally polluted, especially in summer.

The release of indoor pollution such as formaldehyde is greatly affected by temperature, and the indoor and outdoor temperatures are high in summer, so it is easy to cause indoor pollutant concentration to exceed the standard. For every 1 °C rise in room temperature, formaldehyde volatilized from wooden furniture and flooring will increase the concentration of formaldehyde in the air by 0.15 to 0.37 times. Therefore, the volatilization of paints such as benzene and ammonia is more serious in summer than in winter, and radioactive cesium is often contained in household tiles. This serious carcinogenic gas also spreads with increasing temperature.

In addition, there are more air conditioners in summer, indoor ventilation is not ventilated, and indoor pollutants remaining in the decoration gather. Many household air conditioners do not clean and cause secondary pollution. The bacteria and microorganisms are gradually deposited, and cold air with harmful substances is added. After the respiratory tract, not only will people feel dry mouth and mouth, there will be mild cold symptoms, and in severe cases, it will cause various respiratory diseases, which is what we often call “air conditioning disease.”

The World Health Organization has listed indoor air pollution as a top 10 threat to human health, including hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, and obesity. The main culprit of respiratory diseases and intestinal infections and even leukemia, which are predisposed to infants and young children, are also closely related to indoor air pollution.

At present, indoor air pollution has not caused much attention in China, but I believe that with the further popularization of the media, the concept of TVOC in the future will be as popular as the smog.

How to effectively reduce indoor air pollution?

How to prevent indoor air pollution in the summer? Especially after the renovation, many families will adopt some soil methods other than formaldehyde in order to prevent the concentration of formaldehyde and radioactive cesium from being too high, but these remedies do not necessarily work.

1, window ventilation, only the standard is not cured

The most common method is to open the doors and windows for long periods of time. Many Chinese families generally open a new home window after the renovation and then stay in the air for several months to six months. But we all know that formaldehyde has certain volatility, and the rate of volatilization has a great relationship with the temperature and humidity of the environment. The higher the temperature, the higher the humidity, the greater the volatilization speed. Therefore, formaldehyde can be removed to some extent by ventilation, but this method can only relieve the effect.

However, formaldehyde exists in three states: free state, adsorbed state, and combined state. According to a report in the China Daily in 2016, only formaldehyde in the free state can be eliminated by ventilation, and it can be eliminated more than 4 times the normal wind speed. In addition, the concentration of formaldehyde in indoor air is related to many factors, such as indoor temperature, indoor relative humidity, indoor ventilation, etc., which will increase the intensity of formaldehyde emission under high temperature and high humidity conditions.

Studies at Yokohama National University in Japan have shown that the release period of indoor formaldehyde is generally 3-15 years, and it is impossible to remove indoor formaldehyde after ventilation after renovation. However, in later life, the radioactive cesium in formaldehyde and ceramic tiles in wooden furniture will continue to volatilize. This volatiles are not completely eliminated after ventilation but are accompanied by long-term residence.

2, bamboo charcoal bags, plants, fruit skins are floating clouds

Many people hope to absorb formaldehyde in bamboo charcoal bags, formaldehyde scavengers, vinegar, plants, and fruit peels. The Zheda Ice Pest Laboratory conducted special experiments on this. They selected bamboo charcoal bags, formaldehyde scavengers, vinegar, plants, and fruit peels, as well as rooms that were completed for 3 months as experimental rooms.

The data shows that the formaldehyde concentration in this 10 square meter room is 0.196mg/m3, which is nearly double the national standard of 0.1mg/m3. After 3 days, it was found that formaldehyde was removed by bamboo charcoal. The concentration of formaldehyde in the air was 0.190 mg/m3, the test data of vinegar was 0.198 mg/m3, the detection of fruit peel was 0.201 mg/m3, and the test data of formaldehyde scavenger and plant were 0.196. Mg/m3.

In other words, these five measures do not have much effect on eliminating decoration pollution. The core reason is that formaldehyde is continuously emitted, and passive absorption is very inefficient. The most typical is the plant, which has a very limited breathing capacity, usually in the microgram (one-millionth of a gram) level, which is almost negligible.

3. The logical paradox of environmentally friendly building materials not being environmentally friendly

In consideration of the ineffectiveness of these methods, some families have tried to adopt the “environmental building materials” promoted on the market. However, in fact, environmentally-friendly decorative materials only refer to the release of harmful substances within the state and do not mean that there is no formaldehyde release.

More contradictory is that the national GB18584-2001 “Limited Quantity of Hazardous Substances in Wood Furniture for Interior Decoration Materials” requires that the amount of formaldehyde released should be ≤1.5mg/L to meet the standard. Since the implementation of the standard for many years, after the development of the industry and the promotion of the merchants, many consumers have already known that the E1 standard is “≤1.5mg/L”, which has become the “minimum standard” for the emission limit of many finished products such as wooden doors. .

But the drawback of this standard is that if the furniture uses this material, the larger the volume, the more formaldehyde is released. Therefore, the more indoor furniture under the domestic environmental protection standards, the excessive release of formaldehyde content is likely to exceed the standard. That is to say, even if every piece of furniture and every building material is environmentally friendly, the amount used in a house may cause excessive pollution in the room. To achieve true health, you must have a higher standard than the standard.

Eliminate TVOC and trust professional equipment

After learning a series of “unreliable” methods of removing formaldehyde, everyone must have doubts. Is there really no good way to deal with formaldehyde? In fact, at present, it is relatively recognized internationally that a relatively effective means is to carry out formaldehyde adsorption in the environment through the high adsorption of activated carbon. Different from the large pore size design of bamboo charcoal material, the pore diameter inside the activated carbon is relatively small, and it can effectively filter and adsorb formaldehyde gas molecules and can achieve good results.

The activated carbon was industrially designed to enter the home scene, and an air purifier product with formaldehyde removal function came into being. However, some purifier filters cannot decompose formaldehyde to represent gaseous air pollutants. To effectively purify the pollution, it is necessary to use a purifier equipped with an activated carbon filter.

In fact, in developed countries in Europe and America, air purifiers have become an essential electrical appliance at home, just like refrigerator color TV washing machines. Part of the reason why people in developed countries with relatively good environments still consume air purifiers is medical reasons. On the one hand, respiratory diseases such as asthma will cause some people to have higher air quality requirements, and on the other hand, they have special requirements for the quality of the air environment. Air purifiers play an important role in daily households in Europe and the United States. The root cause is that European and American residents have a relatively high awareness of indoor air pollution.

In fact, the best cheap HEPA air purifier is widely welcomed because air purifiers are based on passive adsorption of activated carbon, through scientific air duct design, more professional air quality sensors and more intuitive air quality display modes, enabling air purification. The device not only realizes high-efficiency formaldehyde adsorption purification but also helps users to intuitively understand the air quality of the current environment and make the air purification process truly “visible”.

Driven by the favorable quality of air-cleaning products and the convenience of performance, the domestic net market has gradually prospered. According to Zhongyikang data, after one year of implementation of the new national standard, the number of brands in the domestic net market in the first quarter of 2017 reached 381, a decrease of 89 brands compared to the first quarter of 2016. Under the trend of continuous growth in consumer demand, the number of brands has not increased and decreased. It is not difficult to see the role of the new national standard in the “expulsion of bad money.” In addition to the new national standard, the empty net industry is also constantly introducing standards including product quality “9 stars” certification and performance A+ certification. The site provides a reference for consumers to purchase empty net brands. Samsung, AO Smith, and many other brands have obtained Recognition of major national standards and major awards in the industry.

Take the Samsung AX3300 air purifier as an example. The indicators of AX3300 series purifiers fully comply with the new national standard. The three series of products have obtained the A+ performance certification of China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute, showing outstanding product quality. On the performance side, the AX3300 series uses a four-pure purification system. The front filter screen can block large particles of pollutants, hair, and dust. The activated carbon filter can absorb harmful gases such as formaldehyde. The HEPA filter can purify micron-sized particles and filter PM 2.5. In the end, the AX3300 is also equipped with Samsung’s patented sterilization technology – the ultra-clean 3 ion group patent sterilization technology effectively achieves the killing of harmful microorganisms in the air.

In addition, the Samsung AX3300 series purifier is specially designed for the air inlet design with front air inlet and top air outlet. The optimized intake and outlet modes allow the air volume to reach the optimal state and purify the indoor air efficiently. At the same time of purification, the top touch panel will display the current concentration of PM2.5 in the air, the odor and the selected working mode in real-time, which is the most convenient for the user to understand the purification progress.

At present, the habit of opening air purifiers in summer is still not popular in China, but in developed countries and regions such as Europe, America, and Japan, it has become normal in life. I believe that as the domestic media continues to educate consumers, the future will be TVOC. The concept or the habit of using an air purifier in summer will gradually become popular.

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What kind of harmful substances can be removed by the air purifier, is the effect really good?

What kind of harmful substances can be removed by the air purifier, is the effect really good?

Experts have found that the use of materials containing harmful substances in the room decoration will increase the degree of indoor pollution, which has a great impact on children and women. Relevant statistics show that the majority of children who die from upper respiratory tract infections in China each year have direct or indirect relationship with indoor air pollution, especially for newly built kindergartens and newly renovated homes. They are very serious.
In Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Harbin and other big cities, the number of children with leukemia has increased in recent years. Living in an over-decorated room is one of the important reasons. A survey conducted by Beijing Children’s Hospital showed that 90% of children with leukemia admitted to the hospital had been renovated in six months. Experts speculate that harmful substances in interior decoration materials may be an important cause of pediatric leukemia.
The newly renovated rooms have a high formaldehyde content and are the main cause of many diseases. Formaldehyde is the most common pollutant in the room, and it is also a big problem for many of us. So, in the face of formaldehyde, can we only be helpless?
Of course not. In the face of formaldehyde, you need to prepare a formaldehyde nemesis. It is the Olansi best cheap air purifier for smoke. Olansi purifier uses coconut shell activated carbon filter to purify. Coconut shell activated carbon is the best material for adsorbing formaldehyde. Environmentally friendly, with a large amount of adsorption and strong purification effect.
Pm2.5 is also one of the main members of indoor air pollution. PM2.5 has small particle size, large area, strong activity, easy to attach toxic and harmful substances, and has long residence time in the atmosphere and long transportation distance, so it is good for human health. The impact of atmospheric environmental quality is greater. They are hidden in the air, because people can’t identify pm2.5 with the naked eye, this stealth killer that threatens our health, so many people put the desire to remove pm2.5 on the purifier, and the Olansi best cheap hepa air purifier uses multi-layer filtration. Net, remove the layer of particles in the air, remove pm2.5 from the root, let it be nothing!
 The most threatening to the body in the air is bacteria. The bacteria can cause many diseases. Therefore, to prevent air pollution, people must remove bacteria from the air. Olansi air purifier effectively removes bacteria from the air to ensure that the bacteria in the air are effectively removed. Your home is safe.
Olansi air purifier adopts electrostatic dust collection technology to efficiently remove particulate pollutants such as dust, pollen, cigarette flavor and kitchen fumes in the air; it can also effectively absorb gaseous pollutants in the air and filter out air. The pathogenic tiny organism in the disease.
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The purification function of the air purifier is degraded? Your filter should be replaced!

The purification function of the air purifier is degraded? Your filter should be replaced!

Winter is a period of high smog, and the frequency of use of air purifiers is greatly increased. If the filter gets filled with dust and particles are continuously used, the purifying function of the air purifier may be degraded, and dust and mold accumulated on the filter screen may be May cause secondary pollution to the room. Therefore, just as you need to clean the filter before using the air conditioner in the season, the filter of the air purifier should also be regularly maintained and replaced.
How do I change the filter for my home air purifier?
Where can I buy a filter that is suitable for my own best cheap HEPA air purifier model?
Matsushita sums up some filter cleaning and replacement methods for everyone.
Parents learn quickly
This winter home is refreshed by the following small knowledge.
Let’s first look at how to clean the filter
1. Humidifying filter cleaning method
When cleaning the humidifying filter, you need to put it in clean water or warm water, and gently press it to clean it. When the scale is difficult to remove, it can be immersed in warm water with neutral detergent for about 30 minutes, then rinsed with water for 2 to 3 times. Be sure to use a neutral detergent (alkaline detergent, etc. may cause deformation and degrade performance). Do not brush or wash with a washing machine. Do not use a dryer to dry. When the scale is difficult to remove, it can be removed using citric acid.
Cleaning frequency: It is recommended to clean once a month.
2. Pre-filter cleaning method
When cleaning the pre-filter, you need to vacuum the surface of the filter with a vacuum cleaner. If the filter can be washed, clean it with water until the filter is unblocked, dry or blow dry with a hairdryer. filter.
Cleaning frequency: Generally cleaned once every two months, where the air quality is poor, you can consider cleaning it once or twice a month.
3. Composite dust collection filter cleaning method
When cleaning the composite dust filter, you can wipe the black (front) dust with a vacuum cleaner or a slightly damp cloth, and the back (white) is maintenance-free. It is worth noting that if you purchase a cheap and best air purifier that uses a composite dust filter, the dust filter, and the pre-filter are one set. Do not wash them together because the cleaning will affect the purification effect.
Cleaning frequency: It is recommended to clean it once every two weeks.
4. Deodorizing filter and formaldehyde removal filter cleaning method
The method of cleaning the deodorizing filter and removing the formaldehyde filter is relatively simple. If there is dust around the deodorizing filter and the formaldehyde removing a filter, the cleaning effect can be achieved by directly sucking it out with a vacuum cleaner. In addition, the deodorizing filter in the purifier is generally activated carbon, which can effectively remove harmful gas molecules such as air odor and formaldehyde, and can also directly remove the filter from the purifier, and then expose it to sunlight or take it to the window with a hairdryer. The warm air blows to release the harmful substances adsorbed inside and prolong the service life.
Cleaning frequency: It is recommended to clean once every three months and once a year.
Let’s take a look at the Panasonic air purifier filter replacement method.
For Panasonic Air Purifier users, all models of the Panasonic Air Purifier have a filter replacement reminder function. If the user finds that the operation panel or the front panel filter replacement indicator is lit, it means that your air purifier needs to change the filter. After replacing the new filter, you need to press the filter reset button according to the operation panel prompt, so that the machine can recalculate the filter replacement time.
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