Analyze the functions and advantages of water purifiers and water dispensers

Analyze the functions and advantages of water purifiers and water dispensers

What is the difference between a top-rated home water purifier and a water dispenser? In daily life, people who use water purifiers are much more than those who use water dispensers. Some friends often mistake the box-type water purifier as a water dispenser, which is unclear. Let’s take a closer look at the similarities and differences between the two.

The water purifier has the same features like the water dispenser:

1, the appearance is roughly similar, the shell material, the shape is similar, especially the box type water purifier and the water dispenser are the closest, the high-end box type water dispenser can be transformed into a water purifier after processing – the net function of the water dispenser The water device; after the water purifier removes the filter element, it becomes a water dispenser.

2, the function is similar. The water dispenser is actually a primarily invisible water purifier. Why do you say this? Because the water dispenser usually has a heating function, it can play a role in sterilization after boiling the water. Sterilization is actually a means of purification. Although this concept is receiving a variety of challenges.

The difference between a household water purifier and a water dispenser:

1. Compared with water purifiers, water dispensers are more like transitional products, and the current water dispenser market has begun to stop growing. It is understood that after the poisonous spleen in 2007, the water dispenser market has been sluggish. With the advancement of the concept, the drinking water view has faded. The water purifier has passed the winter after 2007, and the market has begun to pick up. For many consumers, It is only a matter of time before the water purifier replaces the water dispenser.

2, the water purifier is a multi-functional purification appliance, after the purification, the water can be raw, can also be used for cooking, soup, bathing, and the water dispenser can only solve the problem of drinking water, belonging to a single sexual product.

3. The water purifier is an energy-saving product. The ultra-filter can work without pressure and power. The power of the pure water machine is only about 35w. The consumption of hundreds of watts of drinking water is a veritable electric mouse.

4, the water purifier is directly installed on the water pipe, no need to add water to change the barrel, the water dispenser is a quantitative storage type equipment, need to constantly add water, change the barrel, the use is not convenient.

5. The water purifier belongs to the deep purification equipment, and the water dispenser belongs to the shallow level sterilization appliance. The water dispenser only has a sterilization function, and the water purifier has a variety of filtering means such as filtering heterochromatic odor, bacterial debris, particle rust, etc., and is a more fundamental purification tool.

6. The water filtered by the water purifier is freshwater, that is, ready to drink. The water dispenser boils the water and then stores it. It is easy to produce thousands of boiling water. The water quality is called stagnant water, so it is not hygienic and healthy.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Ultrafiltration Water Purifier How to Maintain Ultrafiltration Water Purifier

Advantages and Disadvantages of Ultrafiltration Water Purifier How to Maintain Ultrafiltration Water Purifier

Ultrafiltration water purifier uses ultrafiltration membrane filtration technology. This technology is pure physical filtration, mainly relying on the micropores on the surface of the ultrafiltration membrane for filtration. Only the pressure of tap water is sufficient. The ultrafiltration membrane has a filtration accuracy of about 0.01 micron and mainly filters harmful substances such as bacteria, rust, colloid, sediment, suspended solids, and macromolecular organic matter.

Advantages and disadvantages of household ultrafiltration water purifier
Ultrafiltration machine works

When the top 10 best ultrafiltration water purifier  flows under the pressure on the surface of the membrane under a certain pressure, the micropores on the surface of the ultrafiltration membrane only allow water and small molecules to pass through and become permeate, and we all know that the volume in the stock solution is larger than the membrane. The material having the surface micropore diameter is trapped on the liquid inlet side of the membrane to become a concentrate, thereby achieving the purpose of purifying, separating and concentrating the stock solution.

In addition, there are about 6 billion 0.01 micron micropores per meter of ultrafiltration membrane wall, and the pore size only allows the passage of beneficial minerals and trace elements in water molecules and water. Generally, the size of small bacteria is Above 0.02 microns, bacteria and rust, colloids, suspended solids, sediment and macromolecular organic matter that are much larger than bacteria can be trapped by the ultrafiltration membrane, thus achieving a purification process.

Advantages and disadvantages of ultrafiltration water purifier

Advantages: Ultrafiltration water purifiers usually do not need pumps or power consumption. Generally, the normal water pressure of municipal tap water is used, and the generated wastewater is small, and minerals and trace elements in water can be retained.

Disadvantages: The effect of the ultrafiltration water purifier on the removal of chemical pollutants and scale in water is not as strong as that of pure water, and some ions harmful to the human body may not be effectively filtered.

Household ultrafiltration water purifier

The ultrafiltration water purifier has little or no water

If it is used for the first time, there will be no water, and if there is water in the water inlet, then the installation order of the water pipes is incorrect.

Solution: Re-disassemble the water pipes and install them again in order according to the Ultrafiltration Water Purifier Installation Instructions.

If there is no water after a period of use or the amount of water is drastically reduced, it is likely to be caused by water blockage or filter plugging.

Solution: If the water pipe of the water purifier is blocked, directly remove the blocked part or replace the water pipe; if the filter element is clogged, remove the filter element and replace the new filter element.

Turbid water

The water purification effect of the household water purifier is an important determinant of the filter element. If the water quality of the water is poor, the filter element is faulty.

Solution: Remove the filter element and clean it in time. If it is used again, the effluent is still turbid, it means that the service life of the filter element has reached the upper limit, and the new filter element must be replaced.

Large water purification sound

At present, there are many types of water purifiers in the market, which are useful in electricity, not in electricity, and ultra-quiet. If the electric water purifier is in use, there is a slight sound, which is normal. That is, the pressure pump inside the water purifier is running. However, if the sound of the water purifier product suddenly becomes noisy, it indicates that there is a problem with the internal parts of the machine.

Solution: Stop the water purification immediately, disassemble the water purifier, see if the internal parts are damaged, and then wipe the internal dust of the machine to replace the damaged parts.

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What are the advantages of water purifier?

What are the advantages of water purifier?

At present, our drinking water environment is not optimistic, and tap water pollution is more common. After the water quality is polluted, we drink such water for a long time, and harmful substances are deposited in our body, which will inevitably lead to various diseases. This is not an alarmist. Therefore, if we find that there is a problem with the water in our home, we can’t drink water or use water. We can only choose a water purifier to help, and it will become a guarantee for our healthy drinking water. So what are the advantages of water purifier?

1, save water time

The water filtered by the water purifier can be directly consumed, helping to reduce the trouble of boiling water and the time of waiting for water in the home, and the purified tap water is convenient to use, helping to save cooking time in the home.

The advantage of top HEPA water purifiers 2018 is that it is convenient to boil water.

2, drinking water safe and secure

Simple boiling water can only reduce macromolecular impurities and metal ions in water, but the top 10 best water purifier can effectively filter out other substances in the water, from large sediment powder to small molecular ions, leaving only water and a small number of small molecules. The passage is more thorough than the water-burning sterilization, and the water quality is more assured.

3, it is difficult to buy health

Although the price of water purifiers varies from a thousand to a thousand, from the perspective of long-term cost calculations, especially health costs, the cost of water purifiers is exchanged for future health, which is a completely value-for-money calculation.

4, fast and convenient to drink

In the past, we used to drink water either boiled or bottled. It takes time and electricity to boil water, and harmful substances in the water cannot be removed. Bottled water is not only costly but also unhealthy. Many bottled glasses of water are produced in black workshops. The water quality problem is very big, and if the bottled water is not used up in three days, the barrel will also breed bacteria. In the end, it is not safe for us to drink water. The water purifier allows us to drink safe and healthy water, and drink it at any time, without waiting, freshwater, so that you can enjoy health.

The advantages of water purifier: convenient drinking

5, easy to use

Household water purifiers are generally used with the use of the water, greatly reducing the water purification time in the home, and the amount of water processed daily with the advancement of technology is also increasing, able to meet the daily needs of the home, saving consumers time cost.

6, saving indoor space

There is a water purifier in the house, and the ordinary water dispenser has no use. The household water purifier is smaller in appearance than the water dispenser and is placed in the hidden part of the kitchen, which does not affect the overall visual effect of the home. Can effectively save indoor space.

7, improve the kitchen value

Today’s water purifiers are stylish and elegant. They are installed in the kitchen, which not only enhances the value of the kitchen but also enhances the quality of personal life.

With so many advantages of water purifier, it is really not a problem to install the water purifier!

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