Analyze the functions and advantages of water purifiers and water dispensers

Analyze the functions and advantages of water purifiers and water dispensers

What is the difference between a top-rated home water purifier and a water dispenser? In daily life, people who use water purifiers are much more than those who use water dispensers. Some friends often mistake the box-type water purifier as a water dispenser, which is unclear. Let’s take a closer look at the similarities and differences between the two.

The water purifier has the same features like the water dispenser:

1, the appearance is roughly similar, the shell material, the shape is similar, especially the box type water purifier and the water dispenser are the closest, the high-end box type water dispenser can be transformed into a water purifier after processing – the net function of the water dispenser The water device; after the water purifier removes the filter element, it becomes a water dispenser.

2, the function is similar. The water dispenser is actually a primarily invisible water purifier. Why do you say this? Because the water dispenser usually has a heating function, it can play a role in sterilization after boiling the water. Sterilization is actually a means of purification. Although this concept is receiving a variety of challenges.

The difference between a household water purifier and a water dispenser:

1. Compared with water purifiers, water dispensers are more like transitional products, and the current water dispenser market has begun to stop growing. It is understood that after the poisonous spleen in 2007, the water dispenser market has been sluggish. With the advancement of the concept, the drinking water view has faded. The water purifier has passed the winter after 2007, and the market has begun to pick up. For many consumers, It is only a matter of time before the water purifier replaces the water dispenser.

2, the water purifier is a multi-functional purification appliance, after the purification, the water can be raw, can also be used for cooking, soup, bathing, and the water dispenser can only solve the problem of drinking water, belonging to a single sexual product.

3. The water purifier is an energy-saving product. The ultra-filter can work without pressure and power. The power of the pure water machine is only about 35w. The consumption of hundreds of watts of drinking water is a veritable electric mouse.

4, the water purifier is directly installed on the water pipe, no need to add water to change the barrel, the water dispenser is a quantitative storage type equipment, need to constantly add water, change the barrel, the use is not convenient.

5. The water purifier belongs to the deep purification equipment, and the water dispenser belongs to the shallow level sterilization appliance. The water dispenser only has a sterilization function, and the water purifier has a variety of filtering means such as filtering heterochromatic odor, bacterial debris, particle rust, etc., and is a more fundamental purification tool.

6. The water filtered by the water purifier is freshwater, that is, ready to drink. The water dispenser boils the water and then stores it. It is easy to produce thousands of boiling water. The water quality is called stagnant water, so it is not hygienic and healthy.

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