The first meeting of the revision of the national standard for air purifiers was held in Guangzhou

The first meeting of the revision of the national standard for air purifiers was held in Guangzhou

From July 15th to July 16th, 2019, the National Household Appliances Standardization Technical Committee Cleaning Appliance Subcommittee held the first meeting in Guangzhou, on the revision of GB/T 18801-2015 “Air Purifier” national standard. The standard revision plan number is 20190972-T-607, the release date is March 28, 2019, and the work cycle is expected to be 24 months. More than 50 technical experts from mainstream enterprises in the air net industry participated in the meeting.

Ma Dejun, vice president of China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute, delivered an important speech on the current background of air purifier industry, global environmental pollution, and the development of IEC standards for air purifiers. He said that current air purifiers are not limited to removing particulate matter and future product development. It is necessary to combine pollen allergens, ozone, odor, and other issues; not limited to the domestic market, India and other developing international markets are also in great demand. He said that the development of products should keep pace with the times, and the standards should fully consider the status quo of the industry and consumers. I hope that the revision of standards can fully consider the market and social needs under the new situation.

Participants and experts fully expressed their opinions on the revision of the standard and discussed the draft standard. The meeting reached a basic consensus on the standard revision content and the overall framework. The standard revision direction is as follows: the gaseous pollutant test method is changed to the continuous dynamic balance method; the CCM is no longer graded separately, and the file is directly divided according to the CADR; the technical requirements of the silent mode are added; the test cabins of 10m3 and 81m3 are added; and the performance evaluation method of the automatic mode is added; Increase the filter odor evaluation method, etc. At the same time, as China is taking the lead in formulating the international standard IEC 63086 for air purifiers, the revision of GB/T 18801 also refers to the relevant technical directions of international standards.

The National Household Appliance Standardization Technical Committee has arranged the follow-up related work, requiring all units to combine the industry and consumer status, strengthen the research in the technical field on the basis of the standard overall framework, and further improve the core content of the standard.

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