The role and characteristics of the water purifier

The role and characteristics of the water purifier

A friend who just came into contact with the top-rated large room water purifier may not know what kind of thing it is when he first heard the term water purifier. The vagueness may be related to water, but the specific effect is I don’t quite understand. The top 10 HEPA water purifiers are understood from the name to be the machine for purifying the water. In fact, a water purifier is a machine that has the function of purifying the tap water. Seeing here, the reader may be interested in how the water purifier cleans the water. “The water purifier will explain to you.

Speaking of the water purifier going back to the space program of the United States in the 1960s, everyone knows that people can’t drink water for a long time, and the astronauts who carry out the moon landing plan have to stay in outer space for a few months, carrying the spacecraft under the weight. Restrictions can’t carry too much water. Solving astronauts drinking water is a big problem. Scientists later put their ideas on the astronauts’ urine for this problem. They invented the water purifier to let the astronauts pull out the urine in outer space. After purifying into a pure water machine, circulating drinking, eliminating the load of the spacecraft carrying drinking water. It was only in the 1990s that this purification technology began to be used for civilian use. This is the source of household water purifiers.

What is the role of the water purifier? The function of the water purifier is to purify the water quality of tap water. Tap water did not need to be purified before. After the industrial revolution began, the water source around us began to be polluted by a large area. Chemical compounds and industrial waste penetrated through heavy channels and us drunk. In the water source, these substances will cause a series of serious diseases and cause cancer. The drinking water we use is no longer safe. The tap water we drink needs to be purified. That is why we need to use the water purifier. Another advantage of using a water purifier is that it saves the trouble of boiling water and bottled water. The water purifier uses tap water as a water source. As long as the tap water is continuously purified by the water purifier, we will continue to drink straight water at the cost of use. It is much lower than the start of the bottle and the bottled water.

The two most common filtration technologies for water purifiers: ultrafiltration filtration and reverse osmosis filtration. These two filtration methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. Our common kitchen water purifier central water purifier uses ultrafiltration machine. The ultrafiltration machine has a large purging capacity and can generally meet the requirements of domestic kitchen water. The reverse osmosis pure water machine has a small water flow rate, but its filtration precision is high. The purified water purified by the pure water purifier is close to the bottled pure water sold in the supermarket and is the best solution for solving the direct drinking water of the family. These two filtration technologies can be considered as follows: the high flow rate of the ultrafiltration machine is generally used as central water purification or kitchen domestic water purification, and the pure water machine has a high filtration precision and a small water flow rate to meet the needs of the family drinking water directly.

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