The role of the water purifier is not just to drink water!

The role of the water purifier is not just to drink water!

Many people in the modern world choose to evade many things without knowing three words, but often you don’t know but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Just like water, seemingly clean water does not mean the presence of no dirt. Even if it is not seen by the naked eye, it will still damage our body and affect the health of ourselves and our families. Especially in this fast-paced, fast-paced era, heavy industry pollution is flooding every inch of air and water we have. Although we can’t choose air, we can choose good water.

Installing a water purifier is a guarantee for the safety of household drinking water. In fact, everyone knows that the water purifier is nothing more than the end drinking system, mainly to solve the problem of drinking water in our family, but in fact the water purifier is divided into three systems, according to the needs of the family, you can use different systems, the following small series Take everyone to find out:

First, the pre-filter system

This kind of system is generally installed behind the water meter of the household water inlet pipe. The main function is to remove impurities visible in the water, such as sand and rust. It is used to protect daily household appliances from water and to prevent blockage of water pipes.

Second, the end of the direct drinking system

This system is believed to be very familiar to most people. It is to purify our daily drinking water. It is usually divided into two types: ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis. These two types have obvious differences. Ultrafiltration top 10 best water purifiers It can remove bacteria and viruses in the water, while retaining the mineral elements contained in the water, but it will not remove the scale in the water; the reverse osmosis water purifier is actually a pure water machine, which can remove all the substances in the water, including of course The mineral elements contained in the water, so for the difference between the two, Xiaobian suggested that the ultrafiltration water purifier should be installed in the south. Because the hardness of the water in the south is low, it is recommended to use the reverse osmosis water purifier in the north because of the hardness of the water in the north. Higher.

Third, the whole house water purification system

This system is actually a combination of a central household water purifier and a central water softener based on the end drinking system and the front water purification system. The central water purifier is connected to the pre-filter and is generally installed in the kitchen. It can effectively remove residual chlorine, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, and various organic substances in the water to ensure the water is clean and sterile. The central water softener, as its name suggests, is the water purification system that softens the water. The main function is to use the resin separation technology or nanocrystalline technology to remove excess calcium and magnesium ions in the water and reduce the hardness of the water. It is generally used for bathing and washing clothes, so the cleaning will make the skin is smoother and the clothes are softer.

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