There are a lot of harmful substances in vegetables. How to remove them?

Summer is here, and it is also the highest period of vegetables. Vegetables contain pesticide residues, oxalic acid, nitrite, etc. How do we solve the harmful substances in vegetables? Here is a brief introduction to how easy it is to remove harmful substances from vegetables.
Because of the excessive application of nitrogen fertilizer, the nitrate content in vegetables tends to be high. After conversion to nitrite, it may form a nitrosamine with protein decomposition products, which may become a risk of cancer such as gastric cancer.
Many people learn to soak vegetables for a long time and found that long-term soaking will add nitrate in vegetables. Therefore, it is best to wash the vegetables 3-4 times with running water. If you want to soak, do not exceed 20 minutes.
The study indicated that the nitrate content of leafy vegetables could be reduced by short-term scalding, roots and melons and fruits. In addition, when mixing vegetables, participate in garlic and lemon juice; when picking vegetables, adding onions, ginger, garlic, peppers, etc. are good ways to improve safety. Fresh vegetables contain very little nitrite and should be consumed quickly.
Pesticide residue
Studies have shown that pesticides in legumes, leafy vegetables, and solanaceous vegetables have higher levels of pesticide residues. The most important component of pesticide residues is organic phosphorus, which not only causes acute poisoning, but also the slow toxicity of long-term consumption.
Experts pointed out that organic phosphorus is insoluble in water, so it cannot be removed by simply soaking. Tap water and low concentration of fruit and vegetable cleaning agent soaked in a short time, and then repeated flushing with running water can effectively reduce the content of organic phosphorus in vegetables. The leeches can remove nearly 80% of the pesticide residues, but if you cook for a long time, the power will be significantly reduced.
oxalic acid
Oxalic acid in vegetables affects the absorption of calcium and causes stones. Excessive intake of oxalic acid may also cause damage to the digestive tract and even damage the kidneys. It is only possible to reduce the oxalic acid in the vegetables to a level that does not impair health through proper processing and cooking.
Researches at home and abroad have found that discarding the vegetable soup after the scalding treatment can effectively reduce the oxalic acid content in the vegetables, and the rate of decline is between 30% and 87%. A softer dish, like spinach, is enough for a few tens of seconds. For a harder dish, it will take a little longer.
Summer is here, seasonal vegetables are more abundant. But how to remove nitrite

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