There is an air purifier in the house, and there is no need to install a fresh air system?

There is an air purifier in the house, and there is no need to install a fresh air system?

It’s almost smog, and almost every day, a friend asks a question: Is there an air purifier at home, and is there a need to install a fresh air system?

Main functions of the fresh air system

Personal opinion: The most important role of the home fresh air system is to improve ventilation.

The original intention of the fresh air system was to improve the ventilation of large indoor spaces. To put it bluntly, as long as it is a device that can speed up indoor and outdoor air exchange, even if it is only an exhaust fan that can pump air inward or outward, it can be regarded as a kind of fresh air.

Later, people found that although the simple ventilation was supplemented with oxygen, the outdoor air was not so pure, so a purification device such as a HEPA filter or an electrostatic dust collector was added to the air inlet. Come, the air entering the room is relatively clean, and after running for a while, the indoor air can reach a relatively good level.

This is the common home fresh air system nowadays.
PS, fresh air has many functions (such as dehumidification, humidification, heat exchange) because it is only for the friends who are most concerned about the current function of the friends around, it is not launched one by one.

From this brief introduction, you can see the two most important functions of the fresh air system:
Ventilation and ventilation, discharge carbon dioxide from the room, and inject fresh air;
Filter dust from outside air and pollutants such as TVOC;

What is the purification capacity of the fresh air system?

Many people are recognized for the ventilation function of the fresh air system, but their purification ability is somewhat inaccurate.

On the market today, most qualified fresh air systems have a purification capacity consisting of two major aspects:

HEPA filter adsorption at the air inlet, or electrostatic dust collection. This is a good understanding, the air is purified before entering the room, and the principle of the air purifier is the same;
Micro-positive pressure; this principle is slightly rounded, but it is indeed the advantage of the new fan compared to the purifier. To put it simply, when the fresh air is pumping into the room, the indoor air pressure is slightly higher than the outdoor air. In this way, dirty air outside can not enter the room along the door and window.

Inflate the balloon as an example.

The pump is like a fan of the fresh air system, and the balloon is like our room. If the balloon is perfect and airtight, then the balloon will swell up quickly.

But all the rooms can’t be completely sealed. In fact, pm2.5 is also going into the room along with these eyes.

It’s like a leaking balloon. So what happens if you are pumping up a leaking balloon?

Is it possible to “squeak” out of the air in the place where the air leaks, so can the gas outside the balloon enter the balloon from these loopholes? Of course, it will not work. In this way, the indoor air is kept clean as much as possible.

Therefore, the conclusion is that qualified new wind turbines are also reliable.

Fresh air system PK air purifier

This is a question that everyone is very concerned about. It is a bit clear to say.

As an example of brain-destroyed mathematics that everyone has done in elementary school, you know the difference between the two.

The air in the room is like the dirty water in a swimming pool.

The way of the fresh air system is to reserve a good entrance and exit in the swimming pool while pouring tap water into the pool and releasing water (how many minutes can you change the water?)

The air purifier is different, only need to use a pump, pumping water from the pool, filtering and then returning to the pool (how many minutes can you filter the water?)

(Note my wording: the new wind is “changing” and the purifier is “filtering”)

This shows the difference between the two:

The installation of the fresh air system is larger. In addition to the installation equipment, the air inlet and outlet are reserved, and the pipeline type also needs to be buried.
At the same time, the efficiency of purification is relatively low, and the cost (including the replacement of the filter element, electricity bill, etc.) is also larger. The advantage is that because there is always fresh air injection, you will not feel “squeaky” because of lack of oxygen, and once the original dirty air is discharged, the room is easier to maintain a cleaner state;

The best and cheap and best air purifier is more efficient in clean air and relatively inexpensive. The only downside is that because it has been circulating in the room all the time, it is easy to lack oxygen and it is easy to feel “boring”.

After all, the air purifier can quickly remove the smog and reach the most basic air quality, but it can’t do anything about the problem of low oxygen and high CO2. For the foggy area, the purification ability of the fresh air system does not account for the advantage, the pain point that it really wants to solve is the ventilation problem in the smog period.

Therefore, my personal point of view is that just to remove the shackles, close the doors and windows, and pick up a good air purifier; but considering the quality of life, prepare for long-term trenches, especially if you have children, match the new wind. The system is the best!

Filter life problem
Maintenance costs may be the biggest headache for the fresh air system.

Because the fresh air is pumped from the outside, it is equivalent to working in a hazy environment, which makes the filter consumption very fast. In addition, due to the limitation of space volume, the fresh air is often thinner.

I have calculated that in the heavy haze days, many imported new fan filters (foreigners do not consider my national conditions at all), often need to be replaced once every 3 to 5 days, otherwise the purification efficiency will plummet.

However, smart engineers have developed internal circulation functions on new wind turbines. To put it simply, in the case where the indoor CO2 concentration is not high, the air is not exhausted from the outside but is changed from the indoor air, which actually becomes an air purifier.

If there is a new wind, you don’t have to worry about decoration pollution.

This is actually a digression. I have seen the previous articles of the Loofah dad know that the personal pollution of the decoration is relatively conservative. After all, this is a toxic and non-toxic category, and it is sloppy.

In theory, if the air volume of the fresh air system is large enough, it is very fast to discharge the formaldehyde and other pollutants accumulated indoors.

At present, personal observations of many users’ measured results do not seem to be so ideal. A detailed analysis, there are two reasons:

1, the air volume is not big enough; not enough to quickly dilute the concentration of indoor pollution gas; because under normal circumstances, the family generally does not let the new fan work at the maximum file;

2. The fresh air system itself is also likely to have its own source of pollution (a few products with poor workmanship). Because the glass and the pipe will be glued when the fresh air is installed, and the fixed HEPA filter and the frame are also useful for the glue. Therefore, if the materials used in these places are not good, they will be self-contained.

Therefore, even if a new wind is installed, it cannot be relied on, and it still takes a long time to monitor.

Summary two sentences

Finally, briefly summarize two sentences:
1. The new wind is reliable, and its greater role is to solve the problem of ventilation and improve the quality of life; this must be clear;

2, the best combination of the home is still a fresh air + air purifier, the two have their own advantages, complement each other; there is space to install, and the family with this budget, it is worth loading.

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