Use of air purifiers to highlight misunderstandings

Use of air purifiers to highlight misunderstandings

Introduction of New Domestic Standards for Air Purifiers

Starting this month, the new national air purifier standard has come into effect.

First, the new national standard specifies the impact of the indicators on the purification effect of the four-core air purifier, including the net air volume (CADR), cumulative purity (CCM), energy efficiency and noise level standards, and more importantly, the important indicators for data cleaning consumer purchases.

Secondly, the new national standard products have identified two performance characteristics of common symptoms: general symbols in addition to the usual electrical symbols, as well as maintenance and filtering of labeled products to remove replacement text prompts. Consumers have very practical guidance on the use of functional equipment. Another must include characteristic performance characteristics: cumulative purity cumulative cleanliness (CCM), clean air volume (CADR) 2., clean energy efficiency, noise, (checkmark), particulate matter, and gaseous pollutant (optional standard) areas.

These signs clearly show that consumers do not have to distinguish between complex test reports when purchasing products and that they can reliably solve major consumer problems when purchasing products.

Misuse 1

Air purifier on Wall

We believe that many consumers buy air purifiers, but most of them are arranged on the walls. Otherwise, cleaner air will be blocked at the best location of the house or at least at the central wall of 1.5 to 2 meters, which will narrow the purification range and reduce performance. Dirty corners, the impact of clean living.

Use error 2

A Good Purifier of Man and the Past

When using vacuum cleaners, it is best to keep them out of the reach of children to prevent harmful gases from splashing around, but it can also absorb air pollutants on the electrode plate. However, if designed correctly, a small amount of ozone will be released, which will stimulate the respiratory system more than a certain amount. Because ozone can recover space quickly, it won’t last long.

Use error 3

Half did not change the filter.

As a dirty mask, the air cleaner should be replaced. The air quality should be replaced. The filter should not be used for more than 6 months. After the filter is saturated, the harmful substances will be released. Pollution sources

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