Use the details of the air purifier

Use the details of the air purifier

Indoor air pollution is being valued by more and more people. Experts suggest that it is a good choice to have an effective air purifier at home. Which shape is better for the purifier? What is the relationship between clean air output ratio and room size? Can the purifier be turned on at the same time as the kitchen hood?

1. Regular cleaning of the filter element can extend the service life.
Air purifiers can help consumers purify the air in the room, but they also need to be cleaned up in time. Every two weeks or one month, the cleaner air outlet, air inlet, and internal filter element are regularly wiped and dusted, which can extend the service life of the filter core and greatly reduce the maintenance cost of the product.
2, long-term power supply, avoid direct contact
The use of purifiers is not a short-term effect, but similar to refrigerators, air conditioners, etc., and needs to be used for a long time. In addition, if an air purifier such as electrostatic electret technology is used, since there is a high voltage inside, it is necessary to keep a certain distance from it during use, and do not disassemble the machine.
3, indoor center placement can achieve the best results
The purifier is not a household appliance and can move freely at home. Therefore, when using it, it should be placed in the indoor center as much as possible to clean the indoor air in 360 degrees. Only putting the purifier in the corner of the room will reduce the efficiency of the purifier, so that the indoor air cannot be uniformly purified.
4. After the start-up, the wind is run and then cleaned with a small wind.
When using a top-rated air cleaner at home, it is best to use a large windshield for 30 minutes after the machine is turned on, so that the indoor air can be quickly filtered once to improve the indoor air quality quickly. Then gradually reduce the air volume of the purifier to prevent the noise from affecting the daily rest of the family.
5, keep the doors and windows closed, properly ventilated
In order to avoid the impact of outdoor dust and bacteria on the indoor air, it is necessary to keep the doors and windows closed, but long-term sealing will cause air turbidity and bacterial growth. Therefore, when the outdoor pollution is light, the window can be properly ventilated.

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