What are the fruit and vegetable machine technologies?

What are the fruit and vegetable machine technologies?
1. Ozone purification technology
Ozone has been developed by German scientists in 1840. It mainly produces high-voltage electricity by means of high-voltage discharge, corona discharge, electrochemistry, photochemistry, atomic radiation, etc. It can decompose part of the oxygen in the air and polymerize into ozone, then decompose the enzymes needed for the internal glucose of bacteria by the strong oxidation of ozone. Cell death is a powerful and effective way to eliminate bacteria, and ozone is also the longest and most effective technology to eliminate bacteria in history. Senyi Fruit and Vegetable Machine has advanced ozone purification technology in Japan, which can effectively remove harmful substances such as agricultural residues, fertilizers, hormones, preservatives, ripening agents, bacteria, lean meat concentrate and other harmful substances. It can easily degrade harmful substances remaining on fruits and vegetables and protect consumers’health.
2. Ultrasound Purification Technology
The principle of ultrasonic cleaning technology is mainly to send out high frequency vibration signal through the internal ultrasonic generator, and then spread it in the cleaning liquid to produce positive and negative alternating sound pressure, forming a jet, impacting fruits and vegetables so as to achieve the purpose of purification, the most fundamental reason is only to strengthen the cleaning role of chemical cleaning agents, not to mention. Remove bacteria from the root.
3. Purification technology of hydroxyl radicals
This technology belongs to the latest research results. Its basic principle is the same as ozone technology. It mainly produces ozone through high-voltage discharge. Ozone is introduced into water through air-conducting cables, and then these bubbles are converted into smaller bubbles by specific technology to eliminate bacteria. Because it is the latest sterilization technology, the market utilization rate is not high.

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