What benefits will the air purifier bring to you in the future?

What benefits will the air purifier bring to you in the future?

Everyone talks about the fact that the air purifier may not be more familiar with the name of the air conditioner.

The principle of the hot sale air purifier is similar to that of the air conditioner. It uses high wind rate to purify impurities such as micro-particles and dust in the air, so that harmful impurities and toxic gases in the air disappear. The air conditioner uses a high wind rate to rapidly cool the high-temperature air.

The air conditioner is purchased because of global warming, and the summer is too hot. If you adapt to the cool air with air conditioning, suddenly you will throw you in a place that is hot to cry, feel that you may not have air conditioning. It will be very difficult to see. The manufacture of air conditioners has brought a lot of comfort and convenience to people. It can be said that human life is closely related to the air. Under the dome, we reflect an environmental situation in our society today, but this The status quo is also a short time we can’t change, so there is the invention of household air purifiers. However, the prevalence of air purifiers is very low in China. Many people have denied the machine and prematurely denied it.

1. When you experience the newly renovated house and you are thinking about an urgent stay, you will be forced to stay in the strong formaldehyde smell.

You should really want to have a machine that can instantly purify your home air.

2. When the houses around you are industrial areas, no matter how you open the window every day, you still feel that the airflow is not good.

You may notice that the harm of the environment is actually related to yourself.

3. When you go to the Internet cafe, if you are a girl, you want to eat chicken or LOL, think about the hair that you just washed into the Internet cafe and have a nasty smell of smoke, and immediately stop,

Perhaps you can understand how important the air is. Generally, there are Internet cafes with girls’ zones. Others’ Internet fees are more expensive, indicating that some people are paying attention to this problem, the problem of air.

4. When you go to the public, everyone will ask for a ban on smoking. All these measures are focused on a good environment and need good air.

5. When you go to the hospital, do you not feel that this is a toxic gas when you smell strong disinfectant water, for fear that you will be infected with the virus for a second?

I can’t really smell the syrup of the hospital.

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