What harm does eating fruit with pesticide residues?

What harm does eating fruit with pesticide residues?

The toxicity of these drug residues affects the human nervous system, especially in children at the developmental stage. Residues of fruits and vegetables may induce chronic complications in children, affecting neurodevelopment, leading to mobility disorders, growth defects, and respiratory disorders. Other studies have shown that pregnant women who are exposed to pesticides may cause harm to the fetus.
The World Health Organization report shows that high concentrations of pesticides and pesticide residues have become important hazards to human health.

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Something that can clean pesticides on vegetables:

1, saltwater. It is not advisable to soak the fruits and vegetables with saltwater. Especially for green leafy vegetables, saltwater will destroy the cell membrane of the leaves, which will not only lose nutrients but also allow the pesticide residues to enter the vegetables. Saltwater does not have much effect on cleaning pesticide residues, but it is helpful to remove pests from fruits and vegetables. For example, saltwater can soak some insects in fruits and vegetables such as cherries and cauliflower.

2, Naomi water. The common rice water in people’s lives is actually weak alkaline water, which is helpful for cleaning pesticides. However, some rice itself has pesticide residues, and there may be uncertain risks in the rice water.

3. Detergent. The method of washing fruits and vegetables with detergent is not worth promoting because the detergent itself is a chemical substance that may cause secondary pollution.

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