What is the best fitler for home air purifier ? and what’s the advantage / benefits of composite folder carbon filter for home air purifier ?

Olansi new technology composite folder carbon filter is available.


What is the best fitler for home air purifier ? and what’s the advantage / benefits of composite folder carbon filter for home air purifier ?


The composite folder carbon filter combines the deodorizing filter, activated carbon filter and HEPA filter of the traditional air purifier filter. The cross-laminated manufacturing structure is adopted, and the smaller diameter functional particles are wrapped in the HEPA filter material. Between the support layers, it has a greater contact area with the air, and the adsorption effect for formaldehyde and other pollutants is more significant. It has a lower filter resistance compared with ordinary activated carbon + HEPA combination filter .


The design has achieved excellent purification efficiency and long service life, which can filter out suspended particles. Multi-layer integrated filter can achieve full-featured multi-functional protection.

What is the function of composite folder carbon filter?


Composite folder carbon filter can effectively filter as small as 20 nanometers and PM2.5 and other harmful particles, formaldehyde, toluene and total volatile organic compounds, at the same time, efficient filtration of a variety of allergens and common bacterial viruses.


The single weight of the filter is about 800g, which is relatively light. The internal interlayer adopts special micro-processed functional particles, which are small and have a large number of nano-scale micro-holes on the surface. Most of the micro-holes are less than 2 nanometers, which is safe and efficient compared to commonly used coal-based carbon materials in the industry. It will produce dust, and the functional particles after processing will have higher specific surface area, increase chemical adsorption and catalysis, increase the amount of adsorption, and also catalyze the oxidation of organic compounds in the air to convert it into CO2 and H2O fundamentally solves the problem of pollution and avoids secondary pollution of formaldehyde due to saturated adsorption. Therefore, the CCM value of this composite filter is relatively higher.

Composite folder carbon filter and HEPA filter
The new technology of composite folder carbon filter has the following advantages compared with HEPA filter :

  1. The filter is more lightweight, reducing transportation costs;
  2. 2.The same size filter, expand a larger area, a single filter more polluted air;
  3. 3. It contains special effects particlesdecomposition of formaldehyde, can filter out small particles as small as 20 nm, formaldehyde filtration efficiency is higher, lower resistance;
  4. 4. The filter is filled with activated carbon to increase the contact area of the activated carbon, improvingthe purification efficiency, and reducingthe purification time;
  5. 5. It can also convert TVOC in the air into carbon dioxide and water, which is more environmentally friendly and healthy;
  6. 6. Longer service life.


Not all thicker screens are better, but also depends on the fluidity of the air. The new Olansi Technology composite folder carbon filter can have a perfect combination of deodorizing filter, activated carbon filter and HEPA filter, which increases the area of the filter material, allowing the polluted air to be purified more quickly.


Except for this newly-launched new-technology composite folder carbon filter air purifier, Olansi also produces some humidifier air purifiers, offering you a wide variety of options. Adding aromatic oils to the water tank, used as aroma diffuser, will make your surroundings more fresh and natural.

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