what is the best TVOC air purifier?

what is the best TVOC air purifier?

I think this is really a mental retardation problem, of course, the sun! Every time I couldn’t help thinking, how wonderful it would be if there were no sun in summer! I can go shopping, play ball, travel…

For those “patients” who have daydreams like me, I just want to tell you: Don’t dream! Is summer without the sun?

But what do you like best air purifier in summer?
Of course, it’s air-conditioned WiFi watermelon. The first thing I do when I get home in the hot summer is to close the doors and windows and open the air conditioner to enjoy the cool brought by modern technology. However, this is actually not good for our health, may blow out “air conditioning disease”.

Air conditioning works in a sealed environment, human metabolic wastes, CO2 and other wastes can not be discharged, and indoor dirt, dust and other substances are easy to accumulate on the evaporator fins of air conditioning, bacteria in this environment reproduction rate is very fast, through the next operation of air conditioning, bacteria are all distributed in the indoor air. Gas. In addition to regular clean air conditioning, the key also depends on good indoor ventilation. At this stage, the outdoor air quality in many cities is not optimistic. It may be urgent to install indoor air purifiers.

The air purifier is equipped with advanced sixth generation (HEPA nanotechnology). It can actively absorb and decompose harmful pollutants such as hand-foot disease, SARS and formaldehyde in the air, effectively purify dust, allergens, dust mites, etc. with the combination of high-efficiency activated carbon filter technology and nano-titanium dioxide photocatalyst technology. It can make fresh and clean air for the indoor 24 hours, so as to keep the indoor in a safe, non-toxic, fresh and comfortable air environment, so that children can breathe more smoothly.

It carries the function of negative ion and opens it, releasing millions of negative ions. While purifying bacteria and pathogens, it also increases oxygen and fresh air, enhances indoor air comfort, and brings children a sense of freshness like bathing in the forest.

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what is the best TVOC air purifier?

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