What is the responsibility for harming health and smog?

                     What is the responsibility for harming health and smog?

According to statistics published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, air pollution increases mortality in all ages. A very serious haze occurred 
in the United Kingdom in 1952, killing 12,000 people in the first two months. The life expectancy of residents in northern China has been reduced by 5.5 years due to
 the increase in heart and lung disease caused by smog, and it has also increased the incidence of lung cancer, heart disease and stroke. "To talk about the impact of 
smog on health, recently, Zhao Fengru, deputy director of the Department of Respiratory Medicine, Xijing Hospital, said in the environmental protection expert salon 
and expert consultation activities held by the Shaanxi Provincial Environmental Protection Department.

The smaller the particle, the greater the harm

According to the World Health Organization, about 7 million people worldwide die from air pollution-related diseases, most of them in low- and middle-income countries.
 Among them, nearly 70% are related to ischemic heart disease and stroke, 25% are related to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or acute lower respiratory tract
 infection, and 6% are related to lung cancer. Zhao Feng said that heavy metal elements and toxic organic substances adsorbed on PM2.5 are the main source of PM2.5
 toxicity, and also affect the human respiratory system, cardiovascular system, immune system and even the nervous system, and also related to the occurrence of 
lung cancer. Among them, the smaller the granules of cockroaches, the greater the harm to human health. Particles above 10 microns will be blocked outside the nose.
 Particles of 10 microns diameter are usually deposited in the upper respiratory tract. Below 2.5 microns, they can penetrate into the bronchioles and alveoli.
 They can directly affect the ventilation function of the lungs, making the body easily in anoxic state. . Chronic tissue and organ damage can result from the 
lack of clearance measures.

The components of sputum can be deposited in the upper respiratory tract, lower respiratory tract and alveoli, causing acute rhinitis, acute bronchitis, etc.; smog
 weather can cause acute or acute exacerbation of chronic respiratory diseases such as bronchial asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and pulmonary 
function declines. Long-term living in a hazy environment can also induce lung cancer and lung interstitial damage. The study found that sperm in people exposed to
 high concentrations of polluted air may have a lower success rate when in vitro fertilization, and there is a correlation between toxic air and male fertility 
decline. The effect of smog on children's growth and development: the sun is reduced in foggy days, children's ultraviolet radiation is insufficient, the body's 
vitamin D production is insufficient, and the absorption of calcium is greatly reduced, which can cause infant rickets and slow growth of children. Gloomy smog
 weather is easy to cause mental laziness, low mood and pessimism due to weak light and low air pressure. It is easy to get out of control when things are not good.
 The haze weather can also cause the ultraviolet rays in the near-surface layer to weaken, and the infectious bacteria and virus activity in the air are enhanced,
 and the incidence of infectious diseases is increased.

Healthy world,  cure smog  at first

In severe smog weather, self-protection should be done in terms of reducing exposure to the outdoors, reducing the intensity of outdoor activities, improving
 indoor air quality, maintaining good physical condition, and reducing exposure to pathogens. For example, to clean the nose, nose and exposed skin in time
 after returning home; elderly and infirm, especially those with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should pay more attention to protection, such 
as inevitably wearing masks when going out, etc. . Although the air is invisible, it is an indispensable environmental factor for human survival. Experts
 predict that it will take more than 30 years for China's conservative treatment time to be conservative. The treatment can not be completed in one dynasty, 
but our health can not wait for 30 years. so we need Air purifier to deal with this severe problem.





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