When moving the suction device, still use this car air purifier?

When moving the suction device, still use this car air purifier?

It is said that air quality determines the quality of life, but it has always been less concerned. The home is using an air purifier, the car has not been installed, the subconscious has an idea: Is that necessary?

It was not until I took the Olans car air purifier to get started testing that I really understood that it was necessary.

There is no air in the emperor here. The most important thing about car air purifiers is to pay attention to these points:
Perfect match with the interior
Effectively purify the air inside the car
Remind you not to smoke in the car (there are related tests below)
It seems to be the first car air purifier I reported, and I went straight to the topic.
Getting started and installing
There aren’t many things in a simple package: a small black air purifier, a cup-shaped battery (for cup holder mounting), and a car power cord.

Get the hand, 0.5 kg weight and delicate skin-like touch will instantly improve the sensitivity. The air outlet is located on the long side of the fuselage, so the machine can be used vertically or flat, but it should not be placed sideways. The interactive interface uses a refreshing LED screen, and in the car, you only see bright white numbers without seeing the background. Since the air purifier does not need many operations, the body has only a simple silver touch button, which can be switched to switch different air volumes.

Allan offers two ways to supply energy, one is to plug in the car power supply for driving (and can also charge the battery). The second is a cup-shaped battery so that you can get off the car and connect it, then set the time switch in the app to ensure that the air has been purified before getting on the bus. In addition to timing, Olans also supports Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to remotely switch clean, switch air volume, and read air quality index in real-time. If you want to make the most use of this car air purifier, you can – pre-purify with the battery before getting on the car; after the car is connected to the power supply and the battery, while charging and purifying.

After the power is connected, a blue breathing light will be lit around the upper cover of the Oakland. Of course, this is the best air quality, and the red and yellow lights are poorly matched and good. Since the fuselage is mostly black, it is more visually coordinated with the black interior. Alans put a cup-shaped battery on the bottom and put it on the cupholder. It is very stable and visually uncompromising.

Purification effect

(Official nominal efficiency and specifications)
General environmental testing – exhaust gas purification in the car. After getting on the bus, the car air purifier was started in the state where the air conditioner and the window were closed. The pollution value suddenly reached more than 100. The fan immediately accelerated, and the air that smelled the air outlet was close to the fresh air. The reading on the LED display dropped very quickly, and in just 5 minutes, it dropped to 5. This time is very satisfying, just to clean the air in a few minutes of the hot car, this process you can monitor the air quality inside the car through the mobile app.

Every time the hot car is at the same time, the air quality is improved to a healthy and comfortable state, and the daily cleaning effect is satisfactory.
However, this is only for ordinary people. For the smokers, is this Olans enough? Please see the violent test below:
Extreme environmental testing – no ventilation and smoke purification. As with the above test, keeping the windows and air conditioners off, I ordered a cigarette in the car. Just spit out a cigarette, the sensitive Alans responded instantly: I saw the LED screen air quality reading for one-second burst, jumping from 20 to >999, while the breathing light turned red and the fan speed reached the highest. Waiting for Alans to finish the work. In the case of a closed window, the readings in the car can be seen in real-time. In a few minutes, the reading drops quickly:

The biggest feeling is that a few cigarettes have caused pollution to burst for 13 minutes!
At 4:13, the smoke smell on the car has become noticeably faded, the fan speed has slowed down significantly, and the breathing light has turned yellow. After 10 minutes, the breathing light gradually turns blue. From the app, the air quality enters. “Excellent” area. After 15 minutes, the air index in the car was purified to 12.

The pollution of the air against the window is really amazing. This test gave me a more intuitive understanding of the impact of smoking. When I saw the reading, I felt that I didn’t want it.
Some people may say that I drive in the window, the wind blows away the smoke, and the pollution should not be big? In this regard, let the measured data speak:
I carried out a smoking test with the window open while the vehicle was moving. The air quality fluctuated between 300 during the burning process, indicating that the pollution caused by smoking in the window is still not small. Spit the last cigarette and close the window. After 5 minutes, Olaland purifies the air to a level of 80.
It turns out that smoking without pollution is just a kind of self-consolation. Because there are various pollutions such as exhaust gas outside the window of the car, the air inside the car will be affected after opening the window. On the other hand, if the fog is encountered, the effect of opening the window is more counterproductive. Therefore, if you want a healthy car air, it is best not to smoke in the car. Some friends can’t help it, it is necessary to go to an Olans.

Good and bad
Benefits: good appearance, easy installation, and use, good purification effect, timed purification function
The downside: take up the cigarette lighter interface, you have to buy a second or a third cigarette lighter to solve
Evaluation: worth buying (for reasons see at the beginning)

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