Which brand of air purifier is good?

Which brand of air purifier is good?

In daily life, formaldehyde, smog, second-hand smoke, dust particles, etc., are harmful to everyone’s health every day. As a place where you need to work long hours in a day, the breathing environment of the office should not be underestimated.

As people pay more and more attention to the impact of indoor air on human health, air purifiers are also well known and become essential home appliances for home life. However, the main function of most air purifiers on the market is still to eliminate cockroaches. When faced with indoor formaldehyde that is more harmful to the human body, these products are mostly unable to do so. In response to the above situation, the Olansi air purifier came into being and became a must-have appliance for many families. However, there are still many people in the wait-and-see state. Do you wonder if the air purifier is really useful? For this reason, Xiaobian especially collected relevant materials and studied them together!

First, the working principle of the air purifier

With the continuous improvement of technology, the purification efficiency of air purifiers is also significantly improved, which mainly purifies the air by means of adsorption, generation of negative ions, catalysis and photocatalyst. After the air purifier starts to work, the first thing is to inhale the dirty air into the machine, and then purify the air through multiple purification systems, which can specifically filter the complex and diverse pollutants in the air, so it is certain to purify the air. Effective. Of course, in addition to the use of air purifiers, do not forget to open the doors and windows for ventilation, usually less air pollution in the morning, you can choose to ventilate the room for a period of time.

Second, what is the filter of the air purifier?

At present, the mainstream air purifiers on the market are composite filters that use multiple filters, mainly using HEPA filters and activated carbon filters. Among them, the activated carbon filter of each brand has a small gap, but the HEPA filter has a big difference in purification efficiency according to the grade. Generally, the higher the level of the HEPA filter, the better the filtration effect.

Taking the air purifier as an example, the Olansi air purifier adopts the HEPA filter of the European standard H13. Currently, only a few brands of china air purifiers on the market adopt the EU standard H13 HEPA filter. In addition, the air purifier filter is made of HEPA and activated carbon and sterilized cotton composite filter. The expansion area of ​​the filter is 10 times larger than that of the ordinary air purifier. Therefore, the contact area of ​​the filter element and the polluted air is more, so the smog is blocked. Second-hand smoke and dust and other harmful substances are more efficient, and the multiple purification devices including the PLASMA inhibitor can efficiently filter out small particles such as odor, formaldehyde, bacteria, pollen, catkin, dust mites, hair, and PM2.5. Purify the indoor air and specifically protect the health of sensitive people.

Any product has a long life, and the filter is no exception. To ensure better air purification, the filter needs to be replaced regularly, and different filter replacement cycles are different. The life of HEPA filters is generally 3-6 months. In the case of more serious indoor air pollution, the service life is even shorter and needs to be replaced in time. The activated carbon filter can be taken out regularly and placed in the sun to expose life. It can be used for 1~2 years.

All in all, the air purifier can effectively purify the air, but in the purchase process, the high-efficiency filter should be recognized, and the effect of purifying the air will be more prominent.

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