Which is better for air purifiers? What kind of air purifier is good?

Which is better for air purifiers? What kind of air purifier is good?

Which is better for the air purifier? The filter level of air purifier is very important.

Different filter grades, the purification effect is very different. The higher the HEPA network grade, the smaller the diameter of the particles that can be filtered, and the better the filtration effect. At present, the common air purifiers on the market use H10H9 grade HEPA nets. The mid-to-high-end air purifiers generally use H12 grade HEPA nets. Very few high-end air purifiers use H13 grade HEPA nets. The H13 grade HEPA net is a top-grade imported medical-grade CleansingSoftHEPA filter with good filtration. Therefore, at least the air purifier with HEPA network-level above H12 should be selected, and the air purifier with the H13 level HEPA net should be selected as much as possible.

Which is better for the air purifier? The larger the amount of air cleaning, the larger the purification area.

The larger the air cleaning amount (CADR), the larger the purifying area of ​​the air purifier, and the more the number of purification cycles. The international standard is 5 times an hour. For example, there is an air purifier with a clean air volume of 450m?/h, which is calculated by the room height of 3 meters. The area of ​​the air purifier is 450÷5÷3=30 square meters. When purchasing, consider whether the clean area of ​​the air purifier matches the room area. If the clean area is smaller than the room area, the expected clean effect will not be achieved. Therefore, you should try to purchase an air purifier with a large amount of clean air.

Which is better to buy an air purifier – choose a quiet air purifier

The noise problem is a problem that is often encountered during the use of the air purifier. When purchasing, the noise problem should be considered mainly from the following three aspects: whether the sleep mode can really achieve ultra-quiet; when the maximum air volume is generated Whether the noise can be tolerated; whether the noise in the automatic mode is acceptable. Some purifiers use DC brushless ultra-quiet motor and additional silent cotton technology to effectively reduce noise. At the time of purchase, air purifiers with both mute techniques can be prioritized.

Which is better for the air purifier? The higher the purification efficiency, the better the best air purifier for dust.

In addition to considering the one-time purification efficiency, consumers should also consider the purification efficiency of the whole machine, that is, the air purification amount, otherwise it will easily fall into the trap of the merchant: for example, purifying the same volume of air, one-time purification of two purifiers The efficiency is 99%, but the purifier A takes 1 hour, the purifier B takes 2 hours, obviously the purification efficiency of A is higher than B, but the merchant does not mark the test parameters, you see all It is a 99% purification rate. In addition, the efficiency of the best cheap hepa air purifier in addition to PM2.5 and formaldehyde removal are different, and the value of both should be considered comprehensively at the time of purchase. Finally, it is necessary to consider that the values ​​of purification efficiency are all tested in a manufacturer-specific experimental environment. Since the indoor air environment is different from the laboratory environment, consumers should not blindly listen to the manufacturer’s virtual standard value when purchasing, but See if the effect is really effective.

Nowadays, many people wear masks for fear of inhaling the polluted air. If the air quality in the home is not up to standard, you may wish to purchase an air purifier to purify the air by using an air purifier. When considering various aspects, only the selection of high-quality air purifiers can help us to improve air quality quickly.

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