Which schools in Beijing are studying air pollution?

Which schools in Beijing are studying air pollution?

The most serious level of air pollution recorded so far in Beijing has led to a rapid increase in sales, concerns about healthy air purifiers, and in many international schools around Beijing, procedures have been reassessed when AQI is soaring. Beijing International School 7 is to answer your pollution protection measures and students’health problems.

Air pollution measures are common causes, but when the ceiling has been established and any outdoor activities are canceled, the ceiling depends on the school. Staff will have to keep an eye on the US Embassy and the Chinese government. Schools have not yet set a ceiling on indoor activities to publish air quality measurements and monitor indoor air quality in most households.

Harrow is the principal nurse of Beijing International School, NICI Newbold, who monitors AQI and provides guidance for school pollution control measures. Like many other schools in Beijing, schools will use the 275 AQI deadline to cancel all outdoor activities. “275 is a random number, but [schools] are trying to find a balance between students who are against aggressive pollution risks,” said Newbold. In the case of Saturday sports, rake, according to the criteria already stipulated by the International School Track and Field Championship (ISAC). If 251 events that had been in AQI for more than three hours or had become events, the event would have been canceled. The event will be canceled when the air quality index reaches 276 at the beginning of the competition.

Newbold said that when asked if “sudden fantasy” caused higher respiratory problems, “the school showed a higher incidence of certain, this week, many students and staff from upper respiratory tract infections he answered.” At the beginning of the school year, student Haro’s air quality, and open a meeting about what this level means to you, and what to do.

Many international schools invest in personal classroom air purifiers. At Beijing International Montessori School (MSB), the air filter in the classroom is always on and has been replaced regularly. In addition, MSB strictly abides by the pollution control policy. Bevenhoffman said MSB systems and library management were “dangerous” levels for which “safety” levels were likely to change very quickly, and the school explained, “Check pollution levels.” When the US Embassy reported more than 200 AQI, all students had to stay in the building. If all outdoor activities stop, students start knitting for activities such as reading libraries.

Beijing Canadian International School (CISB) is also suitable for all classes.

In other schools, whether it is air quality, to ensure that students can participate in physical exercise, which requires a lot of money. Regardless of Dewey Beijing, Beijing International School (ISB) is that you have made a dome, especially for sports. The dome is pressurized and has a built-in filtering system. ISB recently completed the construction of two domes. The material was shipped from the United States.

Dewey’s dome was completed in September 2011, and in the summer of 2012, we built an air purification unit in our school. In AQI, measurements within the dome usually range from 0 to 5. According to Dewey, they worked with ISB and Beijing Jingxi School (WAB) to sample air quality on campus and were asked to participate in a research project, which was compared with official government statistics. To this end, Dewey plans to install scanners in its Lenovo Garden Park.

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