Why do people drink water rich in hydrogen?

Why do people drink water rich in hydrogen?

When it comes to hydrogen-rich water, many people, especially those who are familiar with its beauty, do not doubt it. Hydrogen-rich water is very important for our health.


Effect of hydrogen-rich water on human oxidation

Hydrogen is the only selective antioxidant that selectively neutralizes free radicals and nitrate anions, suggesting that it is the molecular basis for the treatment of hydrogen oxidative damage. It can penetrate and spread all over the body very small, quickly, through various physiological barriers and cell membranes, into the nucleus, and deprive the malignant reactive oxygen species which can not be removed by ordinary methods. Removal of reactive oxygen species will not affect the normal function of other benign reactive oxygen species and the oxidation of biological molecules, skin problems, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular problems, immune diseases, malignant aging including tumors, etc. Long-term intake of water containing a large amount of hydrogen can enhance immunity and improve skin color. One is skin texture, fading, age imprinting, etc.


Effect of Hydrogen-rich Water on Metabolic Restoration of Human Body

Metabolic repair refers to the gradual recovery of substances and energy metabolism process, the intake of large amounts of fat, sugar, and coffee will increase the burden of the metabolic system. Hydrogen-rich water balances the internal environment, restores metabolic function in an all-round way, and fundamentally metabolizes related diseases, such as hyperlipidemia, diabetes, hypertension, hyperuricemia, and gout. I will improve it.


The effect of hydrogen-rich water on AgingStudies in Japan shows that people aged 100 or older who drink hydrogen-rich water all year round are three times as likely to produce hydrogen as the average person. This study not only confirms the anti-aging effect of hydrogen but also further proves the value of hydrogen in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and malignant tumors in combination with other studies.

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