Why do you need a car air purifier in the summer?

Why do you need a car air purifier in the summer?

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Today, with rapid economic development, all aspects of life have improved. Especially in terms of travel, cars have gradually increased. Almost every one has a car of its own. From the original identity symbol to the ordinary passengers nowadays, the car has already More and more popular. According to incomplete statistics, more than 80% of car owners have been driving for about 2 hours, which has become a necessary living space. The space inside the car is small and the air flow is poor. Regardless of the type of vehicle, if you drive for a long time, it will not only affect the driving experience. After a long time, it will also have a certain impact on people’s health. It is also vital to everyday life.

There are three main reasons for the pollution of air in the car. First, pollution from parts and interior decoration materials: pollutants mainly include benzene, toluene, formaldehyde, hydrocarbons, halogenated hydrocarbons, etc. This is also the reason for the smell in the car. Second, the flow of pollutants from the outside: the external environment of pollutants into the car, mainly in the air PM.5 and sulfur dioxide. Third, pollutants from the car’s own emissions: pollutants are mainly hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, microorganisms, benzene, olefins, aromatic hydrocarbons. Harmful gases in the car are mainly absorbed by the body through the respiratory tract and skin. Especially in the summer, the air pollution inside the car reaches its highest value in one year. The car purifier can effectively filter, absorb harmful and other, and clean out the fresh air.

OLANSI’s latest on-board air purifier, 2 minutes of fresh air, fundamentally solves pollution. The integrated 360° cup-shaped full-effect composite filter design fully increases the contact area between the filter element and the polluted air, effectively improving the purification capacity.

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