12 kinds of ‘sick room syndrome’ symptoms

12 kinds of ‘sick room syndrome’ symptoms

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The World Health Report 2002 published by the World Health Organization lists indoor environmental pollution as high blood pressure, hypercholesterolemia and obesity as the top ten killers of human health. At the same time, the performance of 12 kinds of room pollution was listed.

  1. I feel depressed, sick, and even dizzy when I wake up every morning;
  2. Family members are often prone to catch a cold;
  3. Do not smoke, and rarely touch the smoking environment, but often feel uncomfortable, have foreign bodies, and have poor breathing;
  4. Children often cough, sneeze, and their immunity decline. Children in newly renovated houses are reluctant to go back;
  5. The family often has skin allergies and other problems, and is mass-generating;
  6. The family has a disease, and after leaving the environment, the symptoms change and improve;
  7. Newlyweds are infertile for a long time and cannot find the cause;
  8. Pregnant women find fetal malformations under normal conditions;
  9. After the new move or new decoration, the indoor plants are not easy to live, the leaves are prone to yellowing and withering, especially some plants with strong vitality are difficult to grow normally.
  10. Domestic pet cats, dogs, and even tropical fish die inexplicably, and neighbors do the same;
  11. Newly renovated homes or newly bought homes have pungent, pungent and other irritating odors, and they still smell for more than a year;
  12. I feel sore throat when I go to work, my respiratory tract is dry, I feel dizzy for a long time, I feel tired, I have no problem after work, and other staff members in the same building also have this feeling;

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