New Hot Sale Dust, Mold, Bacterier, Smoke and Odors Removal Multi-Functional Portable Air Purifier for Home and Office

Company Introduction:

Olansi has an advanced production plant and leading edge equipment overseen by a comprehensive quality control and management system. We employ our own in-house R&D team, have a 20-engineer R&D design team and manufacturing teams. We have an independent injection molding workshop. We also have a national standard air purifier testing laboratory room assuring the highest levels of ongoing quality and product erformance. We have a continued and strong research and development program, production and quality management capabilities that together ensure that we can stay ahead of the competition in terms of quality and technology.



*Quality system certification: ISO9001:2015
* Factory audit: BSCI by AMFORI, factory audit by KTC Korea
* CE, CB, CCC, CQC, RoHs, ERP approval for air purifier
* NSF, PONY approval for water purifier
* FDA, free of BPA, CE approval for hydrogen water maker
* Institute for environment health and related products
* National drinking water product health safety certification by Ministry of Public Health of China.
Treatment equipment and air purifier industry. we have set a precedent in the industry. Olansi will have a foothold in the water purifier and air purifier industry, and find more corporation chance in global market.

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