Water purification knowledge is big literacy- part 1

Water purification knowledge is big literacy

Is your home’s water quality clean?

Is there any scale at the bottom of the pot when boiling water?

The faucet has been used for a long time. Is there a layer of “white frost” that is difficult to wipe off?

After drinking bottled water and drinking my own boiled water, do you always feel that there is a smell in your own boiling water?


In order to solve the above problems, people often go to understand the water purification equipment and want to improve the quality of drinking water through filtration.

But now there are too many types and brands of water purification equipment, and the slogan is also varied. It is really more and more confused…….


Today, Xiaobian is going to do a lot of literacy in water purification. Help everyone to understand the knowledge of water purification, reduce the situation of being deceived by various kinds of publicity advertisements on the market, and know how to choose the water purification equipment that suits you!


Water purifier working principle

Water purifiers are also called water purifiers, water purifiers, and filters. They are water treatment equipment that deeply filters and purifies water quality according to the requirements for use of water.

Generally speaking, the water purifier refers to a small purifier used in the home.

The working principle of the water purifier is quite simple. It is to let the tap water pass through different filter elements in turn, and filter out the rust, colloid, residual chlorine, microorganisms and other unhelpful impurities, leaving clean water.


The filter elements of various water purifiers on the market are mainly divided into the following types: PP cotton, activated carbon, ultrafiltration membrane, and reverse osmosis RO membrane. Different filter cartridges have different functions.

The merchants combine several or all of these filter elements to form different water purification products.

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