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What is the risk of indoor air pollution?

I believe that many people can see from news and other media: every year in the world 4 million people are died of indoor air pollution, of which 2.1 million are children, and China died every year in the interior decoration pollution The number of about 11.2 million people. There are 2 million people each year are die to formaldehyde pollution, of which more than 50% of children under the age of 5, 99% of the blood disease in children with the cause of long-term adsorption of formaldehyde caused …

However, today we not only talking about the harm of indoor air pollution, but in this well-known and the fact that is unable to refuse behind the indoor air pollution, what’s the hidden business opportunities? This can not help but think of China’s indoor air purification industry leader – OLANSI  the health industry, the relevant person in charge had said a word, he said the Chinese indoor air purification industry there are several years of rise can go, and will be reflected in The steady upgrading of technology, the overall layout of the market, as well as the overall improvement of air purification awareness and so on.

Needless to ask, this is a rather forward-looking industry, for entrepreneurs, it is a great starting point for entrepreneurship, and joining or agent, is that “shortcut”. This one, we asked us to choose the brand, with the “team”, then you will find that the indoor air purification industry this big cake, the taste will be quite sweet.

Still to OLANSI  health industry, for example, we take a look at the indoor air purification industry in the end to the entrepreneur prepared a “Nuggets” of the road.

1, good product is the best way to ask stone

Demand dictates, the indoor air purification industry is a particular focus on the effectiveness of the industry. A good product determines your reputation, but also determines the market position. The OLANSI  Rose health industry in the past two years the momentum of rapid development, the biggest dependency will be derived from its products. As a brand of indoor air purification products with the full range of household and industrial products, the OLANSI  Reef Health Industry has a strong professional scientific research organization and well-known in the industry by Ningbo Institute of New Technology and Engineering, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, National Environmental Analysis and Testing Expert team composed of R & D team, based on this OLANSI  health industry launched a set of nano-photocatalytic technology, eco-negative ion generation technology, air quality management system three core technology in a room air purification products. Specifically, the OLANSI  air industry, indoor air purification products can not only through the nano-photocatalytic technology to effectively break down the air of formaldehyde, benzene and other pollutants, to kill the air hidden in the harmful bacteria, at the same time, its ecological Level of negative ion production technology will continue for the indoor convection comparable to the quality of high-quality negative air. And all this, the user can be through the ambient air quality monitoring system platform for intuitive understanding and management.

Multi-cooperation mode is free to choose

Regional agents, industry distribution, intermediary resources, and other custom, different channels of cooperation means different means of operation and investment costs, while OLANSI has also set trial, hire, cooperation, run, buy and other forms of sales The So, for the OLANSI  businessmen to join the health industry agents, diversified channel cooperation model also means more suitable for their cooperation model and a higher probability of success.

Distinctive features help open the market

OLANSI ‘s health industry has not only once said in public, the OLANSI  health industry for users to bring not only products and technologies, it is the result of the commitment to the air quality assurance system. Unique product and perfect service model of the perfect fusion, will become a franchise or agent to open the market weapon!

Multiple support system from the end

As a “layman”, many agents may be in the beginning will be “black eyes”. For example, where is the shop suitable? How to promote the network? How should staff be trained? How is the market activity planned? Product sales from where to open the situation and so on and so on. So, imagine, if the brand can all make support in these areas, from the site selection, design, activities, sales, personnel training, publicity and other multi-angle support, agency operations will feel difficult? In fact, the OLANSI  health industry is doing so, the headquarters to lead partners to develop the market, as well as in the air management cooperation on the road for the partners to escort the “area, all the way” features and eight support together to give the agent from the end Support.

5, all-round protection to solve worries

If the “eight support” is the OLANSI  health industry for agents to prepare the Kaijiangtu extension of the weapon, which includes logistics security, after-sale protection, reflecting the speed guarantee, material security, rebate protection, price system protection, market management Including the “seven guarantees” of the “seven guarantees” is a comprehensive solution to their worries.

More than five points, in fact, is also Acting OLANSI  health industry air purifier six advantages, they focus on the domestic indoor air purifier to reflect the direction of development, but also reflects the investment entrepreneurial demands; and OLANSI Health industry in the pace of development of the ancestors step to prove to people, only when the products, services, and agency policy and support system in three, can really meet the demands of investors, but also to successfully through the market and the user’s Double test!

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