how much air purifier cost? The reason why I choose OLANSI  air purifier

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The market for air purifier nowadays is som booming, many agents have joined the air purifier industry. I had followed this trend to be agent for one of the air purifier company’s brand, but I didn’t result in good profit. But finally I know the key point is the agent of the air purifier brand competition with other brands, however! In the homogenization of the phenomenon is extremely rampant, there is no difference in the characteristics of no advantage, the air purifier brand is difficult! This is the first reason leading to my first agent failure! Many newly arrived agents will ask how much air purifier investment agent Money to tell the truth, choose a distinctive, quality manufacturers really important. Today I’ll talk about why I chose OLANSI .

OLANSI  is an international high-end brand, with nearly 10 years of history, nowadays, has been around the world more than 150 countries, the world to provide clean air, health food and water, won the world a number of international certification.


Technical advantages, co-operation, expert support


OLANSI ‘s latest generation of ATP HEPA antimicrobial peptide technology, speed purification ventilation technology, GTF efficient composite activated carbon technology, man-machine interaction system, intelligent monitoring and other air purifier industry-leading.


Advertising advantages, strong media protection


OLANSI , vigorously into the newspaper, print media, network, etc., to carry out seamless advertising infiltration, no matter where we are, we can see OLANSI ‘s publicity.


How do you want to talk about why I chose OLANSI ?

In my personal experience, when I chose to be an agent of OLANSI  air purifier, they provided a lot of help. On the shop, a lot of new comer is very concerned about this issue, OLANSI  will be dedicated to help me visit the market, how to site, how to decorate, how to display materials, etc .. In addition, OLANSI  in the brand promotion is also good, they Advertising can be seen everywhere, subway, bus, television are visible. And the most important point, their after-sales support is very good, customers encounter problems, after-sales will be patient and efficient solution to the problem, we all know that if a brand is very bad in aftersales, then the user’s evaluation is not good .

To be OLANSI L agent for almost five years, I am very grateful to the brand, they not just helping my personal career development, let me harvest the warmth of the family. If you ask me, listen to me so much my story, I believe your heart should be some understanding of the. Actors, the most important should be the quality and protection, and OLANSI  can do 0 agency fees, 0 risk, and so what are you still waiting for ?

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