Why is the RO reverse osmosis water purifier more popular?

Why is the RO reverse osmosis water purifier more popular?

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After the precipitation of the years, it will eventually occupy your heart, what is the water purification product that meets your drinking water quality needs?

In recent years, RO reverse osmosis water purifiers have been very popular among consumers. Due to the water pollution problem that is difficult to solve in a short time and the awareness of healthy drinking water, most people have chosen RO reverse osmosis water purifier. The core of the RO reverse osmosis water purifier to become the darling of the public lies in his reverse osmosis technology. Then, today Lang Lang will learn from everyone about RO anti-infiltration, and see what it is to make everyone trust and satisfaction.

There is a story of RO reverse osmosis

As early as 1950, the American scientist DR.S. Sourirajan accidentally discovered that the seagull picked up a large mouthful of sea water from the sea when it was flying at sea. After a few seconds, it spit out a small mouthful of sea water.
And sea water is not drinkable. Why can seagulls drink sea water? The scientist brought the seagull back to the laboratory. After research, he found a film at the position of the seagull’s capsule. The film is very precise and can filter the impurities in the seawater into fresh water. The mucosal tissue in the seagull’s throat is the prototype of the reverse osmosis membrane.

RO reverse osmosis continues to write clean water words

In the 1960s, due to the limited space load of the space shuttle, American scientists created the RO reverse osmosis membrane according to the principle of seagull, which successfully solved the problem of drinking water for astronauts on the moon. Therefore, pure water is called space water in the United States. Then RO reverse osmosis technology is widely used in desalination, medical, pharmaceutical… The closest thing to our life is the reverse osmosis water purifier.

The wide application and development of RO reverse osmosis technology can not help people to increase their trust and goodwill.

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