Is the water you drink safe?

Is the water you drink safe?

Water purifier

About 64% of the city’s groundwater is heavily polluted. Do you really need help?

At present, 90% of China’s groundwater is suffering from different degrees of pollution. According to the analysis of continuous monitoring data of 118 cities, about 64% of urban groundwater is seriously polluted, and 33% of groundwater is slightly polluted; The problem of drinking water safety is even more serious due to the lack of tap water and water pollution.

Based on this, domestic consumers’ drinking water safety awareness has been rapidly improved, and the water purification equipment market has experienced explosive growth. It is expected to maintain a growth rate of more than 40% in the next 6 years, and the market prospect is very huge.

The highest filtration precision and the best water purification effect

The RO reverse osmosis membrane has a pore diameter of 0.0001 μm, which is one-fifth of that of the hair strand. Bacteria 0.2-1μm, virus 0.02-0.4μm, heavy metal 0.005μm, want to pass their body type

The high-precision RO reverse osmosis membrane ensures the purity and deliciousness of the produced water. It has therefore become an important part of the water purifier.

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