Is it useful to install a water purifier at home? How to determine the home water purifier?

Is it useful to install a water purifier at home? How to determine the home water purifier?

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With the continuous development of society, people’s pursuit of quality of life is gradually improving, and the quality of the water that is usually consumed is also more concerned. Unclean water does not drink, bad water does not drink, hesitant to install a water purification equipment at home. So is it useful to have a water purifier at home? If these conditions occur, consider installing a water purifier!

1. Look: Use a glass with a high transparency to fill a glass of water, and look at the light to see if there are any fine substances suspended in the water.
2, smell: use a glass from the faucet as far as possible to pick up a glass of water, and then smell it with the nose, whether there is the taste of bleach.
3, taste: hot drink boiled water, taste the taste of bleaching powder.
4. View: Use tap water to make tea. After the night, observe whether the tea is black. If the tea turns black, it means that the iron and manganese in the tap water are seriously exceeded.
5, check: check the home’s water heater, open the kettle, there is no layer of dirt on the inner wall. Water with too high hardness can easily cause scaling of the water heater pipe, which is caused by poor heat exchange; long-term consumption of water with too high hardness is easy to cause various stone diseases.

Is it useful to install a water purifier? Where is the use?

1. Solve the secondary pollution of tap water
After the tap water is disinfected by chlorine gas, it can kill viruses and bacteria, but it cannot remove heavy metals and volatile substances.
2, the best choice to replace bottled water
A barrel of water is about 8 to 16 yuan, the cost is high, and the shelf life of the bottled water is short. It is open after being connected with the water dispenser and is easily contaminated by pollutants in the air.
3, unlike the cost of bottled water is extremely high
Bottled water costs are high, and it is clean water, lacking trace elements and minerals. Long-term drinking is not suitable for human health, and its effect may not be like a water purifier.
4, to achieve the standard of raw drinks, the cost is lower
The water purifier can effectively separate and remove various pollutants such as bacteria, residual chlorine, heavy metals, volatile substances, rust, sediment and other impurities and harmful substances in the water. The water outlet has a good taste, and the water quality is weakly alkaline, small molecule and strong in activity.

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