Air pollution can make people more violent

Air pollution can make people more violent

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The researchers analyzed the 13-year data of 86 million Americans and found that the more serious the air pollution, the more violent crimes.

As we all know, air pollution has a fatal impact on human health, but scientists are now worried that air pollution may also make some people become violent criminals. In a large-scale study, researchers analyzed data from 86 million people in the United States over the past 13 years and found that when air pollution becomes severe, there are more violent crimes. Researchers believe that particles and toxic gases in the air can interfere with the normal functioning of the brain, making people more likely to be aggressive.

Particles and toxic gases in the air can interfere with brain function, making people more likely to show aggressiveness

The researchers concluded that air pollution not only affects people’s health, but also affects people’s behavior. It is not surprising that more violent crimes occur in crowded and polluted cities. However, researchers are not simply observing polluted areas. Whether more violent crimes have occurred.

Instead, they studied the increase or decrease of criminal records in 301 different regions (involving cities, suburbs, and rural areas) over time and whether they were related to the air pollution index. In short, researchers want to know if the crime rate will rise when air pollution increases. For non-violent crimes such as theft, the answer is ‘no’; but for violent crimes, there is a real connection between the two.

The research team wrote: ‘Our research has determined that air pollution is associated with county-level violent crimes… We have found that violent crime increases by 1.17% for every 10 mg/m3 increase in fine particulate matter daily; For every 10 ppb increase in concentration, violent crime increased by 0.59%. This effect is mostly caused by an increase in attack events.’

Violent crimes rise when air pollution becomes more severe, whether in poor or affluent areas. Previous experiments in mice and dogs found that those exposed to high concentrations of fine particulate matter (such as particulate matter in diesel smoke) The animals in the field show ‘stronger aggression, territorial awareness and a preference for instant rewards.’

Similarly, exposure to air pollution can also increase anxiety, leading to criminal and unethical behavior.

‘The impulsive and aggressive response may explain why air pollution is associated with increased violence and is not associated with non-violent crime,’ the researchers wrote. ‘We carefully interpret this result as an air pollution that is acute to neurological and behavioral health. Evidence of impact requires further study of its pathways of influence.’ Previous studies have shown that ‘metal constituents in particulate matter, especially manganese and mercury, may cause more aggressive and violent behavior.’

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