Air purifier bicycle

Air purifier bicycle

Recently, the website published the keywords of Chinese consumers in 2013. Among them, Maya is on the list. Data show that Taoyou spent 870 million yuan to fight the haze. Masks, air purifiers, indoor treadmills, and other items were purchased 500,000 times. Kites spread from the north to the south of the road. One weekend, my buddy and I called the abyss together, and he was ruthlessly refused – recently overcast, I made my breathing uncomfortable, you did not go out.

It is ironic that sports are unhealthy. In my predicament, this air purifier bicycle comforts me. The front is equipped with an electric air purifier, which can filter out pollutants (including dust) by inhaling air purifier. This is clean, filtered air. If you think this is totally wrong, the air purifier bicycle has a tripod fuselage that converts sunlight into electricity through photoelectric effects, also known as a “photosynthetic bicycle,” to produce even oxygen. When not in use, it can also be used in air purifiers and oxygen generators.

However, it is difficult to see the air purifier bicycle and the Mi because it is still in the conceptual stage. The creative director of the air purifier bicycle also acknowledged this, but it is not yet clear that they have a model, but the prototype proves the feasibility of this idea. It’s the Red Point Design Award in Germany. Can anyone say that one day the dream will come true?

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