Air purifier effectively removes formaldehyde

Air purifier effectively removes formaldehyde

Speaking of how to remove indoor formaldehyde, I believe many people will think of the first time to open the window ventilation, which is cheap and easy to implement. Indeed, window ventilation, speeding up indoor air circulation, can remove formaldehyde from the room to a certain extent, but ventilation is also very limited, such as the effect of closing the window (opening the heating in winter and air conditioning in the summer). Because there is no way to close the window, the formaldehyde is aggravated, and it is easier to invade the human body with heating and cold air. Therefore, ventilation is the best choice in the case of unoccupied, then there are other ways to remove indoor formaldehyde. Other well-known methods of removing aldehydes, such as green plant aldehyde removal, tap water soluble aldehyde, activated carbon aldehyde, etc., do these recipes help to eliminate formaldehyde pollution?
If you must evaluate it, you can only say that the effect is limited. At best, it is the level of small fights, so don’t expect too much. So how do you continue to remove indoor formaldehyde? Is the use of formaldehyde air purifier, formaldehyde air purifier can remove formaldehyde? The answer is yes. The formaldehyde air purifier can continuously and efficiently remove formaldehyde. It is the first choice after the renovation of the new house. The use of formaldehyde air purifier can ensure the health and safety of the family in all aspects, the effect is better, and the overall experience is better!
OLANSI recommends an air purifier, K15A air purifier. From the appearance point of view, its products are mainly pure white body. The whole product adopts the integrated design of streamline bridge to eliminate the rough seam product design. The overall disclosure of a “simple and not simple” quality atmosphere. The pure white versatile design also allows the product to be better integrated into the furniture environment to meet different decoration styles.
The circular operation panel on the top of this air purifier is full of technology. When the screen is turned on, the high-definition LCD display has a simple white design. The product meets the needs of minimalist operation.

In addition, the K15A air purifier is a machine that enters the wind on both sides, and realizes the air purifier for the whole house circulation purification. It is equipped with a six-fold filter system to absorb and decompose PM2.5, dust, pollen, odor, formaldehyde and other decoration pollution, bacteria, allergens and other viruses. K15A air purifier is specially designed to decorate new homes with formaldehyde, benzene, xylene and other decoration pollution. The CADR value of K15A particles reaches 800m3/h, the CAD value of formaldehyde is up to 400m3/h, and the space for purifying 100m2 is only 10 minutes. With double-sided air inlet design and internal optimized air duct design, it can double output cleanliness. Air, comprehensive protection of the family’s respiratory health.
An efficient formaldehyde air purifier can effectively remove indoor formaldehyde pollutants and protect the health of the whole family!

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